Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sankalp's Dhoti Ceremony

Far away from our own land and people, we tried to create a home away from home. So with a subba, a Samata, a Srini, a Nirmala, Kavitha's, Anandans, Chandran's, Shan's and Ingela's and many many other dear friends who have become like a family - we celebrated the dhoti ceremony for our son Sankalp. May be the sankalpam ( idea) is our's but the festivity was everyone's right from the arrangements to the execution. I thank this family of ours from the bottom of my heart, who by becoming a part of our lives always make that positive difference. 
This has to be a picture intensive post :-) .

Many people asked me - what is a dhoti ceremony? As his atta Nimmi put it - "It symbolizes your entry into adulthood and your journey into the future".

 with his sister
Yess! this is me finally :-)

When Sankalp changed into Dhoti he was led to the dais by the MEN IN DHOTI.  As the dress code was Indian traditional for all - it added that extra bit festivity. 

With men in Dhoti - Sekhar in the Zari uttariyam on the left hand side of Sankalp

  Food as we all know is an integral part for the success of any celebration and I cannot thank enough all my friends who made it possible.
I will do a special post in the coming days on the flower arrangements a dear friend of us made. Stay tuned..
  At the end we celebrated the birthday of Shreya too and as always a pappa's daughter :-)


  1. Shanthi, I am speechless and so thrilled to finally see are gorgeous, as is your family:):) What a fabulous ceremony with family, friends and great food. Wish I was there:) I had to check out the photos many times over!

  2. @ Kala - Thanks Kala , You made my day! I Knew when I saw 1 comment that it would be you :-). Just for you I put up my pic. It was wonderful having this function in a home away from home.

  3. that was lovely. Thanks for sharing a very delightful memory :)..nice to see u

  4. We finally get to see you in person and wow I've never used this phrase in a long time but "Mashallah"!
    Wonderful pictures and you have a beautiful family! God bless!

  5. And may I ask why not the picture for me too, you knew I always wanted to see you, and you just brushed aside my wish, and now Kala takes the credit, very very mean....
    You look gorgeous Shanthi. The pictures are fantastic.And food too looks very delicious.
    Nice of you to remember your good family friends.

  6. Brilliant! Just such a lovely ceremony. Loved the idea of writing the names on the leaves, the name on the napkins, everything. Loved the idea of the chargers under the plate. So cool. How many things you have lugged back from India :). Very colorful and pretty.

  7. @Rama - Rama of course yes for you too and also for all my blog friends. I didn't mean to offend you :-). I was replying to Kala's blog post of not showing faces.
    @My3 - Thanks My3. Yes I tucked in a lot of things from India. The starters and sweets all came from India - 20 kgs of them. Poor Sekhar had to tug them all :-)

  8. What a fantastic ceremony, and great to see you Shanti! Love how enthusiastic everyone looks in the photos.

  9. Lovely pics, Shanthi...loved the idea of using leaves for menu - brilliant! You look fabulous too. Looks like you had loads of FUN! Thanks for linking this lovely post to The Keybunch Party. :)

  10. Such nice kids! Love from all of us. Anjula

  11. Ohh..Shanthi..OMG..I loved this post and finally You : you look so beautiful and so does everyone. what a great all looks so beautiful...yummy yummy food...

  12. Shanthi!! Ur sooooooo gorgeous!! Loved all the pics! So is it done at a certain age? Or time? Or anytime! The men in dhothi look stunning! Everyone is sooooooo well dressed!! Fabulous!

    Everything looks picture perfect as usual! From the decor, to clothes, to food, to flower arrangements :-)

    Also, the names on maple leaves is a stunning idea! Needless to say, u guys sure had a fabulous time :-)

  13. WoW very pretty.
    this is the first time I am hearing such a function. The girls are very pretty well dresed.
    The food so eyecatching. I like the post.

  14. Looks like it was beautifully all the decor and the food the way its all laid out...Simply fantastic!
    You look lovely, Shanthi!
    God bless you and your wonderful family!

  15. It was indeed a fantastic party! Thank you again, Shanthi - for all the energy you put into it. We, the guests, enjoyed so much that our smile wrapped around our head :-)

  16. This is fantastic Shanthi! You look lovely and got a very sweet family:)
    Beautiful captures and yummy food!
    Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous party with all of us...

  17. Luved the decoration ,..thanks for sharing

  18. Lovely to see you and your beautiful family, Shanthi! Looked like a wonderful event put together so beautifully!

    Meera xx

  19. Lovely photos...!! Sweet moments .. well captured... You look beautiful, Shanthi !!

    Love the floral centerpiece... the gorgeous decor.. and The food looks yummy...

  20. very nice traditional moments...

  21. a very beautiful post with beautiful people and beautiful things!!!!
    psst....your have a handsome son:) and you are GORGEOUS:)

  22. Please tell me who could give this dhoti? parents are menamama?