Friday, April 8, 2011

April 9th 2011 - Our lady turns ......


I read somewhere that 50 is the new 25.  Age, I feel is more related to mind than body eventhough the body starts to ache and squeak at some point :-).  The yoga freak that Kamini is, she is far far off from any thing called 50.  

Kamini, I credit my entry to the blogland to you aka Saffron and Silk.  Googling for Kalamkari, enthused and amazed by Ritika ‘s creations, I promptly landed with Saffron and Silk. That one click changed my life today and I am sharing this lovely space with all of you.  A big Huuuuuuuuuuuug Kamini.

 What should I say - A larger than life personality ……

Wondering why? - having read abt her art work on Divya's SoundHornPlease  – I just very casually and uncertainly asked Kamini  - if there is any possibility  for me to own one of the pieces displayed there. And the next thing  -  in less than a weeks time the painting was handed over to my husband, then visiting India  - well wrapped and packed ready for take off :-). A big Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannk U Kamini. 

If she gave it to me today – may be I would have gulped it down easily as I know her for half a year now, but it was just a couple of weeks into our acquaintance then.  I am deeply touched and humbled by her action.   

I know I know you are all curious to see what that is  .....

Kamini it is not the years in life, but the life in years that count. From the very little I know of you I think you definitely made the life count for you and for those around you.

All you wonderful ladies from the blog world join me in wishing KAMINI
a very very happy birthday  !!!


  1. Awesome. Happy Blog Wishes Kamini, from across the continents. Happy Birthday! And so sweet of you Shanthi to share your wonderful painting with all of us.

  2. Shanthi, so sweet of you. Thanks so much. And the penguin video, I love it. Thanks again.

  3. lovely blog!happy birthday again,Kamini..every word written about you is so are indeed loving, generous of heart and as shanthi says, you make life count for those around you with your enthu and zest for life..

  4. So sweet of you Shanthi--am a BIG fan of Kamini's too--happy birthday, K!

  5. oh I so agree... Kamini has touched so many hearts.. and one such heart is mine.. I totally love the woman.. her enthusiasm and zeal for life.. Happy Birthday love... Hope you are having a fabulous time in AUS.... Big big hugs!!

  6. Wounderful Shanti and lovedthe bithday very apt,...:-)and couldnt agree more...Kamini is very special! Happy Birthday, Kamini and bet you are having a fabulous time in teh land of OZ...

  7. Aww, Kamini is just lovely! Happy birthday to her.

    Her painting is gorgeous!

    Meera xx

  8. Kamini happens to be one of my fave blogger friends too. HAPPY b'day again K! Shanthi- what happened to the fash bash series? Been looking forward to it!

  9. @all - It is interesting, how all of us feel the same in a common cyber friend's celebration.
    @ SHP - Oh Ok I will then cover my thoughts

  10. Lovely post Shanthi, and Kamini deserve it..she rocks:-)