Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How are you all doing!!!

Hey!!! how are you all doing. Well I think I know how you are doing to some extent. I saw the Orange kitchens coming up, following the week after week suspense of Rama's finding her Mr. Right, few blog Birthdays and interesting giveaways, your travels and adventures and more..... Just didn't feel like blogging. I guess you all might have experienced the same sometime. Well with December around the corner, it's time for making the house ready for the holiday season. I did my first arrangement today to welcome my husband, returning home tomorrow from a trip to Vietnam. Lights and it's warmth can never go wrong, what do you say? The coming days are going to see the creative 'ME' doing up the rest of the house - window arrangements, lights and lamps, planning dinners and cozy family times with daughter's home coming :-). Thank GOD we have Christmas in Dec and how much it brightens up our lives in the dark cold winters.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hug a friend today


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hello Again!!!

For those of you wondering where I have disappeared , I am pretty much around just taking a blog pause doing some catching up with friends and family. Already past mid November with night temperatures touching -4 C and trees and twigs coated with silver frost outside, the fire place got dusted and logs of wood brought in for those cozy evenings around the fire. One of my favorite things about winter is spending time next to the warm and cozy fireplace. Lighting the first fire in the winter is as exciting as getting wet in the first rain after long dry spells. It's warmth and coziness invites me to curl up close to it watching the flames go up and down while enjoying the magic it creates. Though the forecast is a mild winter this time - I AM NOT WAITING FOR IT ANYWAYS :-).

Have a  warm and cozy weekend.

Friday, November 4, 2011

When creativity just flows ....

....let me share with you her arrangements that are absolutely beautiful. Being in the blog world and browsing through beautiful things I picked up inspirations and was almost sure how I wanted my dining table arrangement for my son's dhoti ceremony. I heard a lot about her creativity in flower arrangements and when I approached Nirmala - a friend, she happily agreed and she knew exactly what she was doing.   See for yourself what a Lovely piece she had put together with so much love.
I bought lot of the stuff to be used here but when she came in the morning we took a quick round to pick some more flowers and colors. I really like how this arrangement has several colors, especially the oranges and pinks!  

I love that she used some veggies, gourds and fruits in the arrangement.

She quickly picked some natural berries and leaves around my town! that added so many wonderful elements, textures & colors! It looked very pretty on the table and she outdid the idea I discussed with her and the talent she has is very very impressive! 
Out of my curiosity I used to peep in to see how it was coming along and she would whisk me away saying that u gave me a job and I will do it :-). I just couldn't seem to get the knack of arranging flowers.  I don’t think I could do it, at least no where near as beautiful as this. 
She even gave final touches with a leaf here and a grape there for all other table arrangements we made too :-)

Thank you Nirmala (in the pic), You did such a wonderful job and every inch of it was so Gorgeous!