Sunday, April 17, 2011

Are you ?

  • R&R'ing as GB,
  • waking up late as Priya, 
  • doing absolutely nothing like Anu,  
  • enjoying the li'l one as sharon, 
  • planning a vacation like Rekha, 
  • having a blast like DW, 
  • Setting up the house like Divya,
  • creating a Zen zone like Patty,
  • in a food festival like My3
  • and as whatever everyone else is doing this weekend. 
OK what is Shanthi doing BTW :-). YAY!!! enjoying the homecoming of the daughter S and having the quality mom daughter time. With Sekhar in China and son in a weekend camp :-), SHE IS ALL MINE :-) and just mine and oh how I LOVE THIS TIME. On my walk today I found this at the same old farm house that is so0000 flooded with Indian things.

and how about this original

   Continue the fun and will see you again on Monday

images 1: Self, 2: Via


  1. WOW! Peacocks. I think they better stop singing. I am getting a LITTLE tired of the rain. I sang and sang, Rain Rain go away but it started to rain even more.
    I am sooooooo happy that your daughter is home and you both will have a great weekend. Enjoy. It is a great treat.
    I have had a busy Saturday with visitors from Florida who had come to enjoy the Blue and White football game which was called off due to the heavy rains. So we are now lazing around and I am trying to get out of dinner duty :D. Have a fun time in the East. We are all looking forward to all the pictures and blog posts that will arise out of that trip.


  2. What East ? Did you mean my Japan trip.We canceled it :-(. It was meant to be from the 15th to the end of April. I will be going to Vietnam in May :-).

  3. 2 Thumbs up for mother-and-daughter team. Send off the boys to China. Ooooohhhh what fun. OK then enjoy. May is almost here too :)


  4. Aww...all you lucky gals!!! I am working non-stop...20 hr days for the last 1 week!!! hopefully things will ease out soon. Enjoy this special time, Shanti...

  5. Oh so lucky!! I love love peacocks.. such a gorgeous image!! :-)

  6. Enjoy your bonding time with ur DD, Shanti, have a gr8 weekend!

  7. I need to visit this farmhouse! I know this setting up house is taking forever!