Friday, April 15, 2011

Small space ? no big deal...

Though great expanses and sweeping vistas are cool, what really counts is a functional, liveable space combined with great style. I am fully in awe of the Scandinavian minimalistic approach with smart use of space that makes one believe small is the new BIG. One such great abode is the 495 sq. ft (approx 49 sq.m) studio attic of Jimmy Schonning a stylist based out of Stockholm.

WOW I just love it all - the modular sofas that can be turned towards terrace or kitchen based on the season :-), the concrete platform with the entertainment, fireplace and cosy reading corner that doubles up as extra beds and the great storage below for wood, papers etc . Take note of the cushions made from an ikea mat - a genial pick.

Gotta love this steel top inbuilt kitchen and did u notice the shelf recycled from an old jetty wood.

A -------- Staircase (go ahead and fill in the blank with the word that occurs to you- bright concrete steps , dark backdrop and the right throw of art n light - what more can one ask

An enlarged photo , creative shelf with the lights and the storage below adds that dramatic touch to this cosy loft sleep.

I am curious to show you this refreshing bathtub from recycled plastic

And what other great place can we wind up this tour than at this creative bath window with character, color, privacy and smart use of space. 

Jimmy Schonning is my neighbor (in Sweden) - so you know whom I will ask to do my interiors when I move to an apartment in my old age :-).
 Source : Hinteriors, Emma's blog, the doppelganger and dwell. Photos - Per Magnus Persson


  1. How interesting! He has used all black and still managed to make the home look spacious!

  2. Lovely home!! Cannot believe it is that small!! Quite contemporary!! Interesting use of dark colors. I could have thought of using only light/bright colors in such a small space to reflect light..But in this apartment it seems to work well or the photographer is very clever;)

  3. Awesomeness! Loved the colors he's used ... the blues n greens n black. Beauty.

  4. this isnt small at all.. its gorgeous!! I love the work on the stair case!! :-)

  5. Beautiful home! Love the colour schemes! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Such a fantastic, creative use of space, love it!

  7. Less than 500 sq feet!!!!!!!!!!! I am still rubbing my eyes. The place is gorgeous. So compact and so empty of unnecessary frills and so clean. It forces us to evaluate our lives and clean up our clutter. Oh, by the way, after he is done with your apartment, can you send him over to PA please and if it is not too much, may I request you to send me some sarees along with him ;). WONDERFUL WONDERFUL house.


  8. @all - I am glad I found this space. A very very characteristic of small apartments in Scandinavia - the way they creatively manage their space. And of course this belongs to a designer to top it off.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I love contemporary, minimalistic, which is how my home is:):) But definitely don't think I can do it in less than 500 sq. ft.:):)