Friday, March 22, 2013

Get set for some color folks!

I was in India last year during Holi and the festivities have changed so much from what I knew when I left India 20 years ago. Things have changed color and where what used to be a family and friends get together today got a bigger dimension and It looked like it was one party no one wanted to miss and who's who of the city youngsters came together for a great gala Holi bash at Taj. When I was invited for this event I gave an instant 'YES' as I was curious to see what it was all about and I did surely enjoy seeing the myriad hues and all the fun and excitement around.  

The colors were organic. People came in designer white dresses just to get drenched. 
The party had lot of gourmet food and drinks, and people were spoiled for choice. Vodka and Cranberry juice just flowed and girls and boys alike were having good shots of it. 

There was lot of fun and frolic, Live DJ , Rain dance (with sprinklers) to the tunes of Chammak Chalo, Munni Badnam, Shiela ki Jawani.  Bhang was flowing too . Swimming pools were all colored and people were air lifted and splashed into the pools. It was mad but it was fun and it was not wild. Well organised and it was one of the best Holi's I have seen in years.

Let the festival of colors, color your world in Myriad hues and usher in the Spring . Now I am off to my dream destination. Do not forget to enter the blog give away here . I will come back and announce the winner :-).

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A give away - 2nd blog anniversary

Today is homeshanthihome’s  second anniversary! Right from day one it was so much fun interacting with you all and I have made some good friends since then . Fast-forward two years and I still absolutely love the blog world than any other social networking sight I am in. 
Patricia Torres  - ‘Havent heard from you in a while.. All well at your end??’

Sharon Colaco D'souza  ‘Hey Shanthi...its been ages!how are you?’

Messages like this pop up every now and then and show the wonderful connections we made in the blog world!
I am sorry that I have not been so active on the blog lately. Somehow I feel these single sentence status updates on the social networking pages have killed active blogging.  Though it is convenient and simple to update what one is doing right then and there on facebook, twitter etc, I have to admit I do miss the storytelling in the blog. I miss the personal connection we had in the blog world.  It is not that compliments or comments are important but it is just the way we stayed connected.  People who used to engage in intense discussions now just hit the "Like" button :-). I am coming to hate this like button :-) .  What do you think?

I still love my blog because what I can say on my blog uniquely and insight-fully is something I will look back upon in time. This can also be a chronicle to my sweet wonderful generations down the line !  “Hello! this was how my world was." :-) . So I promised myself to be on the blog more often. 

Thanks so much to all of you  who took time out to read the posts on homeshanthihome and likewise I always enjoyed reading your comments. It's been so much fun meeting up with some of you on different occasions. Can’t forget the lotus flower sabzi Rama Ananth made during my visit to Bangalore, Kamini your truck load of green plants are thriving well in my garden, diet tips and reminders from Anpu – Thank you. A shout out to all  you wonderful girls out there - Anu, GB, Prachi, Sandeep, Meera, Priya, Divya, Neha, Nayana, Kala, Sharon, Patty, Sudha, Shilpa, MY3, Lakshmi ( and all others I did not mention) – thanks for all the nice things we shared and the support you have shown all through.

NOW! how about celebrating 2 years of knowing you all. Are u ready?  here it is ….

I am traveling starting Friday through the Easter vacation to an unknown destination. Whoever guesses it right  first – where I am heading to and the reason why you thought I would be going there - will win a gift I will be specially picking for the lucky winner from that country :-). Those of you in Norway or close friends or family who knew where I am going – U R disqualified :-) and please don’t spill the beans.  Please leave your guesses as a comment below the blog post.  I will announce the winner when I come back in April first week. Chao.