Friday, March 22, 2013

Get set for some color folks!

I was in India last year during Holi and the festivities have changed so much from what I knew when I left India 20 years ago. Things have changed color and where what used to be a family and friends get together today got a bigger dimension and It looked like it was one party no one wanted to miss and who's who of the city youngsters came together for a great gala Holi bash at Taj. When I was invited for this event I gave an instant 'YES' as I was curious to see what it was all about and I did surely enjoy seeing the myriad hues and all the fun and excitement around.  

The colors were organic. People came in designer white dresses just to get drenched. 
The party had lot of gourmet food and drinks, and people were spoiled for choice. Vodka and Cranberry juice just flowed and girls and boys alike were having good shots of it. 

There was lot of fun and frolic, Live DJ , Rain dance (with sprinklers) to the tunes of Chammak Chalo, Munni Badnam, Shiela ki Jawani.  Bhang was flowing too . Swimming pools were all colored and people were air lifted and splashed into the pools. It was mad but it was fun and it was not wild. Well organised and it was one of the best Holi's I have seen in years.

Let the festival of colors, color your world in Myriad hues and usher in the Spring . Now I am off to my dream destination. Do not forget to enter the blog give away here . I will come back and announce the winner :-).


  1. What fun...but there is nothing like playing holi in the streets of Mumbai, like we used to do when we were kids...slapping colour water filled balloons from 2nd flow on passerbys...and that too holi would start 1 week earlier...and later holi was one of the best festivals in the colony where we brought back find memories..
    Thanks for sharing

  2. I Haven't been in India for holi in 7 years but this sure changed now...back in the days we just used to play with buckets of water and simple colors...

  3. Oh wow! I think in certain ways I am too old fashioned. I prefer the traditional way of Holi. Going to see other people with gulal in the thali and getting their blessings. This was what was done in Kanpur. Only the very young would fill the tank and dunk in it. This concept of rubbing colors into somebody's face is horrifying to me. Imagine if it got into their eyes! With all the dyes being used. Goodness gracious me. For me, Deepavali is my favorite festival.