Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A give away - 2nd blog anniversary

Today is homeshanthihome’s  second anniversary! Right from day one it was so much fun interacting with you all and I have made some good friends since then . Fast-forward two years and I still absolutely love the blog world than any other social networking sight I am in. 
Patricia Torres  - ‘Havent heard from you in a while.. All well at your end??’

Sharon Colaco D'souza  ‘Hey Shanthi...its been ages!how are you?’

Messages like this pop up every now and then and show the wonderful connections we made in the blog world!
I am sorry that I have not been so active on the blog lately. Somehow I feel these single sentence status updates on the social networking pages have killed active blogging.  Though it is convenient and simple to update what one is doing right then and there on facebook, twitter etc, I have to admit I do miss the storytelling in the blog. I miss the personal connection we had in the blog world.  It is not that compliments or comments are important but it is just the way we stayed connected.  People who used to engage in intense discussions now just hit the "Like" button :-). I am coming to hate this like button :-) .  What do you think?

I still love my blog because what I can say on my blog uniquely and insight-fully is something I will look back upon in time. This can also be a chronicle to my sweet wonderful generations down the line !  “Hello! this was how my world was." :-) . So I promised myself to be on the blog more often. 

Thanks so much to all of you  who took time out to read the posts on homeshanthihome and likewise I always enjoyed reading your comments. It's been so much fun meeting up with some of you on different occasions. Can’t forget the lotus flower sabzi Rama Ananth made during my visit to Bangalore, Kamini your truck load of green plants are thriving well in my garden, diet tips and reminders from Anpu – Thank you. A shout out to all  you wonderful girls out there - Anu, GB, Prachi, Sandeep, Meera, Priya, Divya, Neha, Nayana, Kala, Sharon, Patty, Sudha, Shilpa, MY3, Lakshmi ( and all others I did not mention) – thanks for all the nice things we shared and the support you have shown all through.

NOW! how about celebrating 2 years of knowing you all. Are u ready?  here it is ….

I am traveling starting Friday through the Easter vacation to an unknown destination. Whoever guesses it right  first – where I am heading to and the reason why you thought I would be going there - will win a gift I will be specially picking for the lucky winner from that country :-). Those of you in Norway or close friends or family who knew where I am going – U R disqualified :-) and please don’t spill the beans.  Please leave your guesses as a comment below the blog post.  I will announce the winner when I come back in April first week. Chao.


  1. Morocco cos you always wanted to go there
    US...someone in your family is greeting engaged or married...or


    But seriously loved the post...we are like one big family of like minded crazy people sharing our loves, concerns..Get worried when someone doesn't show up on FB or post for has been my utmost price ledge in knowing you and everyone else...
    Also will fwd you a diet plan..It works...the fat globules are melting...:-)
    Happy Easter and enjoy the vac

  2. Happy birthday to your blog Shanthi! Is it really two years already? Seems like just the other day when you were wondering what to call it!!!
    I wanted to say Morocco but Anpu beat me to it :( Wherever you are going, have fun. So happy my plants found a good home and are thriving. They were Raga's babies (and mine too).

  3. Hey Shanthi...Its two years..i cant believe,coz it seems like the other day you were searching a name for your blog.I feel so happy and to tell you in another world looking at your wonderland images.Its always nice to see your other part of the world.its always nice to keep in touch with dear friends always and thats what this world is all about.I loved this post.yeah like button,i have felt it so many times,but its tech savvy world where nobody ha s got are headed to MOrocco..i always wanted to go there. anpu has already told and love to you shanthi.may you travel more and write lakshmi

  4. Happy blogiversary, Shanti! Hope you post more often in the coming year!

    I think you're headed to Rome. It's my favourite Easter getaway (and my favourite city in the whole world). There's such history, beauty and energy.

    Anyway, chances are that you are somewhere closer to home to make the most of the weekend, but whereever you are, have a good time and we look forward to photos!

  5. Shanthi - you have the india connection, so you must be coming to India~....I am so glad you wrote about this - it's ditto for me!

    And happy anniversary - I can't believe its 2 years!

    Wishing you and Home Shanthi Home many happy hours together!

    love and hugs

  6. Hi Shanthi,
    HAppy Blog anniversary. Love your sense of writing and its simplicity. I think you must be heading to Netherlands (Amsterdam) to see the beautiful tulips:)as this is the right season.....

  7. Happy Blog Anniversary Shanthi!
    I am so glad you remember the time we spent together during your visit to Bangalore. We too enjoyed your visit.
    I think you are visiting Nihonkoku, now don't ask me where it is or what it is?
    You asked a question and I answered it, it maybe correct or it may not wrong also. Wherever you are going, I am sure you are going to have good time, so enjoy, and come back with lots of pictures and post it here.
    BTW, it was banana flower subji. Thanks again for remembering the time spent together. It is friends like you who make the blog world so good.

  8. I typed out on my iPhone, no less, a long comment and it is not showing up!
    Anyway, so lovely to read your blog. I enjoy reading your posts. I love all the photos you put up. I love all the places you visit and what I most especially enjoy is the attention to details. I can plan a trip with your blog. Technology has brought us all closer. I have no prize I need to win. With all of you as my friends, I have won the biggest prize. Enjoy your Easter Break. I hope you get to go somewhere warm. We've just had a miserable winter and the first day of Spring is supposed to be even colder than the last day of Winter :-). Happy Journeys!

  9. Happy anniversary...your destination is India...Incredible India

  10. Happyyyy Annuv shanti,so glad to see ur blog is 2 year old.Wish u should cont sharing many more lovely posts like this.Coming to giveaway question I guess ur going to Singapore.

  11. the post write so should write more often :) Happy 2nd blog anniversary and it's hard to guess where you going in this big world..have fun...may be India again...

  12. Happy Anniversary.I am commenting and reading your blog for the first time .I am digging up older posts and enjoying them.My guess is reason ..just a wild guess...coz its the most romantic place.