Saturday, April 30, 2011

Indian icing on Will - Kat - Tiers of Joy

How is the weekend going Prince’sses. Let us get hands on the 8 tiered 900 flowered royal wedding cake this weekend. Isn't this wonderful.  It has got the Indian connection - Fiona cairns and her husband Kishore patel's company made this wonderful lip smacking artwork. Let the pics speak...

Flowers featured on the cake

Rose (white) - national symbol of England
Daffodil - national symbol of Wales, new beginnings
Shamrock - national symbol of Ireland
Thistle - national symbol of Scotland
Acorns, oak leaf - strength, endurance
Myrtle - love
Ivy - wedded love, marriage
Lily of the valley - sweetness, humility
Rose (bridal) - happiness, love
Sweet William - grant me one smile
Honeysuckle - the bond of love
Apple blossom - preference, good fortune
White heather - protection, wishes will come true
Jasmine (white) - amiability
Daisy - innocence, beauty, simplicity

Friday, April 29, 2011

The stunning bride and her PRINCE from my couch

Not that I am crazy about Royals - but living in a country that had 2 royal weddings in the recent past - it is fun to see the red carpet royal fashion, the hats and the dresses their stiffness and smiles , the tiaras and acres of newsprint discussing from what the bride is going to wear , to the intensity of the balcony kiss,  to people flying in from different countries, to the mock weddings,  and the whole euphoria around these fairytale weddings. Best wishes to KATE embarking on this brave and demanding journey  to become Catherine the duchess.

The first look
The first steps with the father
the groom

and his brother....

mother awaiting her princess ...

the venue....

the vows ....

 the ring

 and the blessings...

the pomp and show announcing the arrival of the duke and duchess of cambridge

  the man leading his lady

with the chimes and ...
cheers to start their journey together....

  the happy Thatha and pati

the proud parents

Prince charming with his wife

and THE KISS...

Let us wish them ton loads of fun and a private life that will keep them safe and happy.

"My husband and I get along much better, as we OUTSOURCED our arguments to a couple overseas"

 Norwegians love to trek their mountains to find the calm and serene lakes atop. 

More clicks from the plane

Checked into this cozy hotel 

Met up with Ram and Vishnu that live in Kristiansand who came by to see me with their cute little one yr old Manu.  At 7.00 I had to bid my adieus and head to a Norwegian dinner. Øyvind the organizer of the seminar came to pick us up and walked us to the restaurant in the old town area. He showed us the venue of the seminar next day,  in a yellow building across the water.   

The Restaurant had a very marine theme with lots of boats and anchors scattered all around.  The menu too was delish.   

 Baked Scallops with honey and lemon , served with sour cream for starters

I only realized in the picture that the main dish was arranged in the form of a boat

Crème Brule

After late wining and dining we headed back to the hotel at about 12 AM to catch some sleep before the day dawned.

Time well spent!!!  To many interesting people from the commerce, county and business groups in Kristiansand , India - the future is here, was emphasized and re-emphasized. Each speaker dealt with different aspects that gave a totality to the topic.

A sneak peak into my presentation 

Øyvind was courteous to drive us around the town before he brought us to lunch at this Indian restaurant – Mother India, where we met up with other prominent people of the town.
For the first time I tasted something called – Mango chicken curry - a very tasty dish. and never heard of it before . Strolled again for a couple of hours on the cobbled pathways
before heading back home just in time for the ROYAL WEDDING :-).

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jetting out of town

Hoping that you will miss me :-),  if I just disappeared without telling you , I am posting this.

 off to this town ...

to do what?
I will be back in time just before the weekend.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Coming back to LIFE

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend.  We had a longer weekend and still continuing  :-) into Tuesday. With the sun, comes an irresistible desire to get outside and 'connect' with the NATURE and be a witness to this wonderful 'coming back to life' event. First came the snow drops and then the crocuses and now the air is warmer and the light is brighter and to top it all the swans are back in the fjord – everything one could ask for :-).

Take a good look at these  leaf buds which  like us, are awaiting spring .

and some already midway in the process of unfolding ....

and can't believe we already had the first grill of the year :-)

Have a wonderful week ahead.