Monday, August 19, 2013

They grew up so fast....

Did not realise how 21 years passed by . First Shreya left 3 years ago and today Sankalp left home to the United World College, Wales leaving a vaccum behind. Though I am proud that they are doing good in every possible way and this is necessary for them and their future - still it feels empty around me.

I know when Sankalp or Shreya reads this, they will say " mammaaaaaa" we are big and we can take care of ourselves - but I still could not stop worrying standing and watching anxiously if my little boy will remember to pick his watch, passport, computer from the security check trays at the airport. I sighed a relief when I watched him do so. 
He then just turned back and waved to us and moved.  This is his first step out the door. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing our brand - new baby home from hospital. Did not realise when he grew up and now he'll be starting a brand-new chapter in his life that has nothing to do with me. Where did the time go?

When the doctor told me during the ultrasound that it was a boy,  for a second I was sad , as I wanted a sister for Shreya - but he is a very very affectionate brother and they have a heavenly bond between them. I love the brother he is to Shreya.


As he started moving and pulled himself up as a baby , a cage was brought into the home and furniture was moved around. He was always so fascinated with the kitchen utensils and was busy banging them on the floor. I loved the toddler he was.
He is a people's person and hung out with lots of kids in kindergarten and was a favorite to his care takers. I loved the preschooler he was

As a kid he never could sit for 5 minutes steadily one place and I never had big hopes on his capability to study. He proved me wrong , did very well academically , was the school leader in high school and was liked by all. One day while at school, a teacher passing by asked us if we were parents to Sankalp and then told us that we should be proud of him - not only because he is doing well in studies but because he is such a good human being :-).
Yes we are proud of our little one who has become a caring, compassionate, sensible, independant big boy that loves to explore. But to tell you the truth in my heart sometimes I wish that I had one of those clingy kids who never lets you out of their sight :-).

I know , I know it is time to let them go and turn my energies towards myself and do the neglected hobbies, fulfill my unfinished dreams etc etc , but still why did it have to happen so fast. I never realised how the time flew by.  My friends who have kids tell me that life is going to be OK and I will cope with this. I am thinking more of Sekhar who will miss his dear son in the mornings being behind him to be on time for the school :-).

Shreya and Sankalp we miss you ...