Sunday, March 20, 2011

I declare home Shanthi home open

Obvious wasn’t it ? that this nomad had to settle down one day :-).

Wow! How exciting this has been right from the discovery, to being around, to a name contest, to picking the winner, to making it happen and to this very moment of writing my FIRST POST for home Shanthi home. I’m tripping though.

I owe you all out there a big THANK YOU for your inclusiveness and lovely support that brought me this far. Patty I take a special bow for you. Sharon thank you so much for giving it a very catchy and meaningful name.

Chandra it was fun working with you to the run up to 20th March making the whole experience memorable. Thank you.

For those that aren’t familiar with, who I am? and what I do here? –I am Shanthi and I will be sharing things that are beautiful, arty and inspiring. I am not any expert with words or deeds but I will still blog about things that catch my eye and touch my heart and hope you’ll all enjoy.

Let me acknowledge the greatest architect and designer of all times -
Mother Nature - with a sneak peek into her beautiful land of Fjell and Fjords and the Midnight sun which is breathtakingly WOW WOW and WOW!!!! 

click on the images to enlarge

You never know what treasures await you at the next turn

The tranquility of the lakes high up in the mountains can only be gods abode

The dangling waterfalls that are breathtaking

and the mountain hikes that take you behind those waters

The medieval wooden churches

Think Green and Live Green. Hytta - the cottage is a part of the Norwegian being

and the glacier hikes

try me - says the majestic reindeer

Midnight sun at the Arctic circle shining bright and long

And finally the art and light show of the Northern lights

Well Well trust me I did not sell a travel tour to Norway but I am sure I have tempted you enough, so see you soon gals :-).

picture sources: Hytta - Planet Green, Glacier walks - classical destinations, Reindeer -, Midnight sun - and Northern Lights - Martin 12.Harrison


  1. Wow and Congratulations Shanti...looking forward to lots of lovely posts...

  2. Congrats Shanthi! I wish you many followers, many great blog awards and may your blog go on and on!

    Lotsa love

  3. @Anpu - thank you. I am still on cloud nine.
    @Sharon - thank you so much. home Shanthi home is up and happening :-). Your reward is on the way. For all those who have not followed the contest - Sharon has won the contest for naming the blog

  4. Shanthi....great going! Wishing you all the very best - tho honestly you don't need it, cos trust me, its going to be a great blog! For a rookie you've done a fabulous job so far.....
    All the very very best to you from the bottom of my heart! And just fyi - Raga sleeps with the knife next to his pillow and that's scaring the heebie jeebies out of me ;-)

  5. Hey Shanthi, welcome to the gang! (tho you were already such an integral part! :) ) Love the layout (I'm partial to black backgrounds;) ).

    Now go blog! I'm signing up to follow...

  6. Shanthi, congratulations on your blog, cant wait to see the beauty of the mid night sun on your blog. good luck !!

  7. WELCOME! As Gagan has said you've already become one of the gang :) I am now a follower and really really look forward to your posts. After knowing your fashion design skills- I hope to see posts on fashion designers and clothes too, given your lovely taste!

  8. Congratulations for your new venture. Thanks for sharing the beauty of nature with us.


  9. Welcome to blog world Shanthi... Cant wait to see all your gorgeous posts...

  10. Welcome to the blogging world Shanthi !! the photographs of Norway are begging me to come visit soon :)

  11. Welcome to the blogosphere, looking forward to all the wonderful posts you have lined up :)

  12. AWWWEEESSSOOOMMEEE! It took me back to 1991 when we went there. Yes, you have sold it and now I will work on the men to take me back there for a family trip! I have done/seen most of it except the glacier hike. Now I will attempt that. The most amazing part was even at 11ishPM it was still bright in June!! Thanks for the post and congratulations on your own blog. Keep it going. Who knows maybe one of these years or decades we will share a cup of coffee watching the Lapps and their reindeer. I will go and dig out my old pictures and scan them :). Happy Super Moon Day.


  13. like the nme of ur blog,,nd ya luved all pics

  14. Beautiful pics Shanthi. Awaiting many more of your interesting posts :)

  15. @kamini, GB - Thank you Thank you. As you can see there is lot more to be done. I didn't need to reinvent the wheel with so many wonderful blogs around - there was no dearth for inspirations. Send me comment.-s on things that could be better . I need critics :-)

  16. @MY3 Welcome back anyday anytime.
    @Urmi How about having a blog party one summer in Norway :-)
    @sreelu, Rekha, Notyet 100,shilpa, Sudha, Sanctified spaces - Thank you , what more can I say. This encouragement will see home Shanthi home thru' and thru' :-)
    @Divya Thank you. Yes some day I will post some of my sarees :-).
    @Patty - Thank you for announcing home Shanthi home on your blog.
    @Anu from Seattle - your first reaction was sooooo positive and encouraging and I could hear it. You made my day . Thank you.

  17. Awesome photographs! Makes me want to go there! Am following you already. Looking forward to some great posts. And I loved the tagline "a peace of me" :))

  18. Welcome to our lovely blogland dear Shanthi. Always appreciated your posts and now am happy to follow you. Lots of love and keep up the good work.

  19. Neha @ AllthingsbeautifulMarch 21, 2011 at 8:36 PM

    A great start, indeed! Lovely pictures too. Welcome Shanthi!

  20. @Ambika you are most welcome - summer winter anytime is an experience
    @sayantani - Thank you your love and support guided me come this far
    @Neha - Thanks!!!! I enjoyed reading your blog too :-)

  21. Hi Shanthi, it's so lovely to get to know about you! Thank you for visiting my blog today so we could meet in the blogosphere! Wow, Norway! I look forward to learning more about you through your blog.

    Meera xx