Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Worldview Therapy

let me introduce to you all a wonderful blog Worldview Therapy from a wonderful friend.  Ingela born Norwegian or should I say half Norwegian and half American - is an Indian in spirit :-) I strongly believe she would have been an Indian in her previous birth. She always has one foot in that part of the world and I think the heart is always there. Interested from Dalai lama to bollywood movies (knows better than me all the gossips doing the rounds ), a total vegan who can cook Dhal Makhani and Paneer sabji as easily as she can bake focaccia bread and chocolate chip cookies :-) , reflective, intelligent and  compassionate person that she is, started her blog Worldview Therapy  and the tagline goes – the best cure for bad feelings …. which says it all. Her latest article on Tidiness is a must read. So visit and follow her at and I am sure you will not be disappointed.  
With Ingela around one can always get freshly made smoothies and Focaccia's :-)


  1. I just got back from a dinner and would love the juice in the first picture and a slice of the focaccia bread for snack tomorrow. OK. Toodle doo, I am off to bed.


  2. Hey, you are making me shy :-) Thank you, Shanthi, for that introduction. My little blog is quite simple and was originally meant for my friends spread around the world. I am very impressed with the blogging circle you belong to, Shanthi - so many wonderful women shaping and spreading ideas and beauty. I am proud to have you here in Norway - you are the best advertisement Norway could get! Big hug and have a great day!

  3. Hi shanthi,
    Congratulations and welcome to the blogging world. From now on we will be able to know a lot more about Norway than we originally did.

    The homes, the culture, the stores, the local markets, the people, nature, you have a lots to write about.

    Also if any of us were to visit Norway how should we plan it... what are the best places to visit, stay, eat etc etc.


  4. Oh yummm! Now I know what to make for dinner(big fan of homemade focaccia). Will go check out her blog pronto! :)

  5. Yummmm! Such a lovely introduction, off to check out her blog now!

  6. @My3 - Hey you always have nice words to say. Yes isn't that yummy yumm.
    @Vinita - Hi thank you for stopping by home Shanthi home. Hopefully in my blog I will be able to show this part of the world from my perspective. Thanks for suggesting some areas I can throw light upon. As in any european country things are pretty much organised. The fjords and mountains are a must see things. Travelling upto the North cape and experiencing the midnight sun and northern lights is another experience. Norway is so so beautiful that just about a 10 minutes drive will land you in scenic places from any point. If you are planning to come sometime soon - send me a mail and I can help you plan in detail. Else I am always reachable at home Shanthi home :-)
    May be I should do an elaborate post on how to travel to Norway sometime in the near future:-)
    @GB - Isn't that Yummy. So how did your dinner go :-)
    @Meera - Yes Meera - Ingela is a very reflective person and I think her posts are going to be something to read on...

  7. Just checked out Ingelas blog and it was a interesting read. Really liked it. Th esmoothie looks like something I could just finish off (all of it) and feel great for being so healthy ;-).

    And its great to tell more about Norway! Looking forward to more posts. :)Your friend Prasantha