Monday, March 28, 2011

Earth hour at home Shanthi home

Good morning! I hope all of you had a gr8 weekend. The more the merrier – a Friday shopping spree, a Saturday dinner (needless to say includes cleaning and cooking and more cleaning), a Sunday photo session – to feature the first home on home Shanthi home and a little bit of lazing around – were the highlights of my weekend. How about you all?

What did I shop – I just shopped flowers and flowers and flowers and more and more of them arrived with each guest coming in :-). So I have  a Spring garden inside my house. 

In the middle of the hustle bustle of cooking and arranging things – my son comes in at 20:20 and tells me  - mamma in 10 minutes I am going to switch off all the lights in the house for an hour honoring the Earth hour. With many guests around (some formal ones too) and a dinner to be laid out soon, all my trials pleading him to postpone or cancel went in vain. Teenager he is and as determined as one can be :-).  With support from all present at sharp 20:30 he switched off all the lights . The hour that unfolded was not that scary as I thought and was actually more fun with cosy lighting in every nook and corner and friends helping in the dark.  Here are some pictures from the Earth hour at home Shanthi home :-)

As every coin has 2 sides, you will also find different views for Earth hour. But what it brought back home to us was a little bit more conscious awareness of the environmental issues, a genuine thought and appreciation for all those people in Japan and elsewhere in the world who are without the basic supplies for days at stretch.
coming to party treats - I forgot to take the snaps in right time and so here are some left overs :-) just on those I could get my camera on......

Prachi - here are the golgappa shots :-). A great hit. 

 Have nice week ahead


  1. Wonderful, Shanthi. You not only observed earth hour, you made it a pretty hour for your household too!

  2. awesome... awesome!! awesome!! Love that lantern... If ever you want to get rid of it.. send it to me... :-)

    And the golgappas... from Prachi's are amazing... The food.. looks yummm... wish I was close by.. I'd drop in as well..

    Thank you for joining in.. and making my day! :-) *hugs* And well.. done to your son!!

  3. Wow, lovely images...kudos to pulling off Earth hour with a party on.

  4. Oh, looking at that food, I wish I were there! So tasty-looking. Your son is very determined and that is promising for his future :-)

  5. What a pretty hour you created with all those lovely candles. love the Moroccan style lampshade. gorgeous.

  6. @Sharon - Thank you , You always make my day very early on :-)
    @Patty - Most welcome any day any time.
    @Anu - Thanks and hope you are getting better
    @Ingela - See you should come at the slightest hint :-)
    @Sayantani - Thank you. Sure did the Earth hour make me more alert towards the use of electricity :-)

    And yes I am shouting. They are so much fun. We went to a neighbor's house for the same party. But hey, I am soooo making a trip to Norway to eat golgappas in such classy cups. Toodle doo or however you say in Norwegian, see ya soon :)).


  8. Thank you My3, I could hear your scream till here :-). Looking forward to your visit. Just come by anytime :-.

  9. Hi Shanthi,
    Beautiful blog, lovely pics, nice writeups!
    Now, am your newest follower too:)
    You are very much welcome on my decor blog RTCOI.


  10. @ Sanghamitra Thank you for stopping by and following me :-). I am off to see your blog now and I did visit on and off before too

  11. luved the decorwith tealites,..:-)
    golgappa shots,..ifeel likepicking one now