Monday, February 4, 2013

An island just to ourselves...

Continuing the mid summer week on boat - Day 3

After a late night out at this bay , we decided to get going early in the morning as we had a long day at the open sea. We got up quite early ( 10 AM :-)) Yess! that is early when on a relaxed vaction. don't you agree? . I remember as kids our vacations were more hectic than the normal days as we wanted to cover as many places as we could and get the best run for the money spent. But slowly I got used to pampering myself to vacations just meant for relaxation :-).
People on the other boats were still sleeping when we left and I had to click these 2 cute puppies waiting for their day to unfold

Passing past ship  wrecks and other boats we finally saw the first glimpse of the island we were going to anchor at

The boys got ready for the anchoring looking for rocks, depth and a place that keeps the boat safe during the high tide and low tide.

Ulrik's cooking is awesome.He really knows how to churn out great outdoor meals with minimum resources. We mostly settled for grilled food. While the guys made the food I finished the dish washing :-).

We then set out for exploring the island 
 Just us and the sea gulls , the fiery sunsets, the coppery glowing rocks and the shimmering waters- there could not be a better definition for a dream vacation
 Ulrik pitched a tent for himself while 3 of us decided to sleep in the boat

 the evening slipped away while we talked and watched the changing colors of the sky, sitting around a small fire made of twigs collected on the island.
Isn't this getting better with each day :-). Stay tuned for the last night out. visit day 1 and day 2 here


  1. Such a beautiful trip. Lucky you!! Have fun,hugs Anu

  2. Awesome....another great travel series after Vietnam. I also loved your chudis post....nice collection you have...

  3. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely place!

  4. The shots of the two puppies are so cute. How relaxing this holiday must have been for all of you,can be felt by the pictures posted by you.