Saturday, July 30, 2011

How does a boat come down the mountain ?

What ever I did or wherever I turned to, the last week had been the toughest and heaviest not being able to sink in the tragedy that struck  us all here in Norway.  Having resolved to face the hatred with more love , life started to move on.

Today let us experience the wonderful descent of  a boat from the mountain top to the valley below approx 23 m or  75ft . Here is the Queen of the Canal - Ms. Victoria in sight meandring its way from the mountains to the sea on its daily sojourn repeating it for over 100 years . Lots of people like me and lots more on the boat are equally excited to experince this.  

 Victoria heads its way into a narrow canal to descend through the  5 locks to reach the valley below.

Here IT is waiting for its first descent. 

And the challenge is to get to the level below.

Kids  around had  put  their thinking caps on trying to guess how the boat can jump down :-). They have formulated various theories of their own. But I did not hear anyone guessing it right :-). Anyone game for it? Ok here is how it works through the locks. A lock is a section of canal or river that is closed off by gates which control the water level so that boats can be raised or lowered as they pass through it.The water is now pumped from the upper level where the boat is, to the lower level  where it has to sail to

It's fascinating to stand and watch the water level rise and drop before the eyes. As the water goes down the boat goes down too.

When the water reaches the same level on both sides , the gates are opened and the boat sails further for the next descent. 

 After completing its 75 ft descent through the 5 locks and gates it sailed off from the vrangfossen locks for yet another descent in yet another place.


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Monday, July 25, 2011

Holding hands - Norway a nation in grief

"If one person can show this much hatred , think how much love we all can show together" – from a girl who survived the massacre, where one man killed 76 people shooting the youngsters one after the other.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our small freedom loving peaceful democratic nation has been confronted with extremism

I just returned yesterday from India and looking out of the window of the plane I was happy to be back to this peaceful, calm and serene land and that would be the feeling for anybody who touches this land. But today just after 24 hours all this has changed – our government institutions have been targeted, 84 of our young people are brutally massacred and the devastated survivors saw their friends being killed,  took cover under the fallen bodies to save themselves,  jumped into the cold waters to swim away, the screams and the cries and the helplessness..... All this is too much to come to terms with. We are in grief and tears and we are shocked. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

By the Way

I have not been very active the past month and the reason being  I am on the road. Today I thought of bringing some interesting images from these roads in the rural India. The do’s and dont’s that we take for granted in the western world has little significance here.  

Inspite of all the fancy car makers in the world vying for the Indian market , Cycle rickshaw is still the popular mode of transport in the villages. The cost-effective factor of this vehicle has made it popular among the Indian villages and thank god it does not add to the pollution woes. 

These noisy polluting auto rickshaws are gaining popularity that run on fixed routes and on fixed fares.  Amazing how around 10 to 15 people squeeze into these sometimes. 


Getting their produce home or to the trader in the cheapest possible way determines the loading of these trucks and carts 

It’s time to go home now, we have one road and we all share it amicably, no complaints whatsoever :-)


Whether it is their patience, their economic situation, their lawlessness or  their ignorance,  the different forms of transport in its varied hues only adds to the Indian rural charm.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shall we turn the cups now ..........

just loved this simple concept from Happily Unmarried that is sooooooooooo cool and practical. 
Sayantani from now onwards you need not break your head to remember how much sugar went into which cup becoz' these cups are yours now.

To all those of you who took part in the contest - a big Thank you. It was wonderful to get to know that so many of you are with homeShanthihome and thanks for all the nice things you said.