Monday, July 4, 2011

By the Way

I have not been very active the past month and the reason being  I am on the road. Today I thought of bringing some interesting images from these roads in the rural India. The do’s and dont’s that we take for granted in the western world has little significance here.  

Inspite of all the fancy car makers in the world vying for the Indian market , Cycle rickshaw is still the popular mode of transport in the villages. The cost-effective factor of this vehicle has made it popular among the Indian villages and thank god it does not add to the pollution woes. 

These noisy polluting auto rickshaws are gaining popularity that run on fixed routes and on fixed fares.  Amazing how around 10 to 15 people squeeze into these sometimes. 


Getting their produce home or to the trader in the cheapest possible way determines the loading of these trucks and carts 

It’s time to go home now, we have one road and we all share it amicably, no complaints whatsoever :-)


Whether it is their patience, their economic situation, their lawlessness or  their ignorance,  the different forms of transport in its varied hues only adds to the Indian rural charm.


  1. That is great, Shanthi. I really like this mix of posts that you are serving us. I am looking greatly forward to more of your pictures and perspectives, be it on decor, travel, or comparative cultural observations. Thanks for your pictures and thoughts.

  2. Really enjoyed that visual journey Shanti, brought back memories of India:):) A country full of contradictions with some of the most kind-hearted people I know:)

  3. Rama.. this is awesome.. truly.. such a nice post!! Yes.. I've seen all these and often wondered how they still have a smile.. and look content and hardly ever complaint..

    Thanks for linking in.. after such a long long time.. I've been missing you!! :-)

  4. My beautiful country! Love this post Shanthi!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  5. bring back the memories of home sweet home India!

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  7. This makes me miss India so much. Lovely post!!

  8. This a lovely post, and I really love our country, for the variety found here, cannot be found anywhere else in the world. I am glad you are not like one of those people who find our country totally unlivable, once they have moved out of it for good.