Friday, February 17, 2012

On the wheels again...

Yesss! I am traveling for the next 8 weeks. Nope! it is not a spring break but off to India on work - traveling different places including Andamans and then to Singapore to visit my daughter who is there on an exchange this semester. What more can one ask when your work frequently takes you home :-). I will try to blog on and off but you know how it is when you are traveling.  
Sharing some beautiful lillies friends brought me home a few weeks ago.

after 2 weeks the greens by themselves just looked as beautiful.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine

Friday, February 10, 2012

Red for Love.......

Ding Dong.... rang the bell at about 17.00 hrs in the evening. I opened the door in surprise to greet that unexpected visitor. (Everything here is so organized - unexpected things are rare and few. Boring isn't it ? ). There was a tall Norwegian man at the door who handed over a bouquet to me and was in a rush to leave. I asked him - 'Who is this from?' He said ' I don't know I am only delivering from the local flower shop'.  My son who came out to see what was happening said 'look inside there may be a card' and without waiting for me he opened the paper wrap and dished out the card amidst these beautiful Red Roses bunch.  It was signed on behalf of my DH who was in Dhaka that day  Too early for Valentine isn't it but just in time for our 23rd wedding anniversary :-).

He knows how to make my day special.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Bags and bags.....

I had great fun organizing all my bags and the relief I felt at the thought that I need not run up and down searching for that particular one I need in that last minute.....
These 2 to the left below are my first party bags I bought in Fatehpur Sikri some 25 odd years ago. love pouches of all sizes and shapes
This birdie is a class of its own. Followed a saree that I bought from Sabyasachi

This bag below to the right bought in Vietnam can be passed off as made in either kutch or in the north east
 Isn't this looking cute. Hmmm.. now I have to find a place to tuck it away :-). Would love to hear how you organize your stuff. Have a nice weekend!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bag O Rama

 For looooooooooooong I have been looking for a suitable solution to organize my party bags, to avoid the last minute  hotchpotch in finding a suitable one for that party :-). The usual last minute scene would be me climbing up and down the floors including the loft , into several rooms , pulling out the draws trying to get that particular bag I bought some years ago that would match my saree so perfectly. Hmmmm... many a times I have to resign myself to taking the one I can lay my hands upon. Thanks to a blog post not very long ago - introducing a shop (can't remember which blog and which shop - Sorry!) my eyes immediately fell on a corner where they have organized their bags in the shop. Lo! then I had found the solution I thought could help me - and after a few searches in different shops on my different shopping trips - I was very happy to have found this one.
Together with this I bought several 'S' hooks to finish the job. I even carried the stand from the shop to the car about 4 to 500 m. All excited, came home and started to pool the bags. Life is not that simple - isn't it? These hooks would just not go over the rod . I tried hard and twisted and turned - they only scraped the paint and made marks. 
The excitement to fix it was so much that it saw me out again on the hunt almost half past 7 in the evening. Almost a dozen shops and still no luck. Those found were either too small or some were so big that I too can hang from them on a jhoola (swing).  When I lost the hope of finding the right ones in Norway,  in that one last shop - came this great guy who knew exactly what I needed and took me to that shelf in the far corner of the shop that had at least a dozen packets :-). 
It's almost past mid night now and I am tired :-), stay tuned and I will fix it before the weekend.