Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bag O Rama

 For looooooooooooong I have been looking for a suitable solution to organize my party bags, to avoid the last minute  hotchpotch in finding a suitable one for that party :-). The usual last minute scene would be me climbing up and down the floors including the loft , into several rooms , pulling out the draws trying to get that particular bag I bought some years ago that would match my saree so perfectly. Hmmmm... many a times I have to resign myself to taking the one I can lay my hands upon. Thanks to a blog post not very long ago - introducing a shop (can't remember which blog and which shop - Sorry!) my eyes immediately fell on a corner where they have organized their bags in the shop. Lo! then I had found the solution I thought could help me - and after a few searches in different shops on my different shopping trips - I was very happy to have found this one.
Together with this I bought several 'S' hooks to finish the job. I even carried the stand from the shop to the car about 4 to 500 m. All excited, came home and started to pool the bags. Life is not that simple - isn't it? These hooks would just not go over the rod . I tried hard and twisted and turned - they only scraped the paint and made marks. 
The excitement to fix it was so much that it saw me out again on the hunt almost half past 7 in the evening. Almost a dozen shops and still no luck. Those found were either too small or some were so big that I too can hang from them on a jhoola (swing).  When I lost the hope of finding the right ones in Norway,  in that one last shop - came this great guy who knew exactly what I needed and took me to that shelf in the far corner of the shop that had at least a dozen packets :-). 
It's almost past mid night now and I am tired :-), stay tuned and I will fix it before the weekend.


  1. wonderful quilt rack!! cant wait to see what u do :)

  2. Aww, that is such a lot of effort you went through, but totally worth it I say! It's such a clever idea to store and display bags!

    (Meant to write this last night but my router decided to suddenly throw a wobbly!)

    Meera xx