Monday, January 23, 2012

Tea time at ....

Today we were again at Ingela's place for dinner. I sent her a thank's note saying that ' Ambience - fantastic, food - healthy and excellent , music and the company - SUPERT!!!'. All these things apart - I love the Tea times at Ingela's and you will soon know, why?

 Aren't these tea cups fantastic in their varied hues and forms  and the story goes like this...
 Ingela's father Kjetil from all his travels
 brings home a tea cup as gift for his wife Penny. WOW! what a gift to bring home . Believe me they are such great conversation pieces when guests are served with tea. Isn't that a fantastic idea?  (I heard that Penny's mother got such tea cups as gifts from her friends when they visited her). Copying this superb idea shamelessly  - Sekhar and kids are commissioned to gift me tea cups from their travels and I already got my first one :-).
  These lovely milk pots are molded  by Penny.  BTW Penny does ceramics as a hobby and she paints too and I am going to bring the various facets of this talented lady to you all very soon.
And the party ended on a high note with Ingela and her friend C singing and playing guitar for a song written and composed by C.  

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  1. Such lovely teacups and what a fabulous story behind it Shanthi:):) Also a wonderful look into Norweigian culture, enjoyed that so much.

  2. beautiful story and that collection is gorgeous. would await your next post on Penny.

  3. Oh my Shanthi, what a lovely idea! Indeed, these gorgeous cups do make an excellent conversation starter and what a beautiful collection it is! My favorite is the "Old English Rose" pattern. Thanks for visiting me with such a sweet note:)~Poppy

  4. woww wat a ceramic pieces,waiting for the amazing art work pictures

  5. Oh wow!! Sooooooooooooo lovely!! What a lovely collection.. and such a gorgeous time together..

  6. How pretty! Love the idea of mismatched teacups.

  7. love each and every piece ..such wonderful collection :)

  8. what a beautiful collection and conversation starter...Happy new year Shanthi:)

  9. Hello Shanthi,
    What a lovely collection of teacups and wonderful gifts too.
    I love the teapot! I did ceramics too years ago and made many things including creamers and sugars but never a teapot. Wish I had! Thank you for sharing this with Tea Time. Have a wonderful week.


  10. Wow, thank you, Shanthi! It was really great to have you visiting us :-)

  11. Such a lovely tea and all of the cups are stunning. Sounds like a fantastic time. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, marty

  12. This is simply , graceful living.

  13. Looking forward to next tea time with you, Shanti!

  14. Hello Shanti

    how do I reach you regarding your sarees.
    they r awesomely beautiful I must say!
    here is my id please write to me when u get time

    thanks n regards