Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Self taught designer making waves in the fashion world

I loooove sarees, is a known fact to people who knew me :-) and have done some posts earlier here and here. Today I want to introduce a self taught designer from my city making waves in the fashion circles across the country , whom I have known for some years and am a proud owner of few sarees designed by him. To me, who likes to have sarees that are sober but at the same time have that little extra edge and also can be passed down as heirlooms -  Gaurang's sarees are a natural choice. In his unassumingly simple store tucked behind his father's matching center you will find the creme da la creme of Hyderabad vying to lay their hands on the best pieces to suit each and every occasion in town.  He made Uppadas and Kanjeevarams a rage and atleast one saree from Gaurang with his unique combinations and weaves is a must have :-). Gaurang just concluded a show at the lakme fashion week (some of might you have seen the pics) winning an award and with none other than gorgeous Kiron Kher as the show stopper. Get ready for some good eye candy. 



  1. beautiful ,which one do you own form his collection?

  2. lovely saris Shanthi! show us the one you have!


  3. lovely!!!! ya ya...show us what you have!!!!curious:)

  4. Great collection, does he have some outlet here in Bangalore?
    You should have shown yours also, anyway add another photo, and we all get to see yours too.

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