Saturday, January 26, 2013

A mid summer week on the boat - day 1

It's all dark, dull and cooooooooooold outside with temp's hovering around -15C for the past 2 weeks. But what keeps us going in this weather is the warm thoughts of the wonderful things we can do when Spring/ Summer sets in. Hop on to my boat for a five day trip to see a little bit of the world around me.... First I thought I would do a single post but that is just not possible with so much to see and experience,  so I decided to go slow....
Ulrik - a friend, Sekhar, Sankalp and I drove about 200 kms to board the boat  at Lunde 62 metres above sea level.

  And here it is AneliShanthi ready and waiting to unfold the wonders the next 4 days...
While the men were hectic with briefings about the practical do's and dont's 
 I set out on a small walk enjoying the rain and taking in as much of the calm and peace as possible.
We were not alone, there were few more boats anchoring that night in Lunde in quiet nooks and corners. Everything was so still and calm.
  Sekhar and I decided to overnight in a tent that is being pitched in the idyllic surroundings

We decided on a taco dinner and with some wild flowers I picked on my walk thurst into a coffee glass and some tealights a cozy boat dinner was ready. 
Well past midnight we left the boat to our bed for a good nights sleep.
Remember we have not started the journey yet , so stay tuned for more....

all pics by me


  1. Woooowww Shanthi now I wish I were there too, it looks too good to be true! :-)Waiting for more!

  2. It is indeed wonderful to go on journey with you. The pictures are so good.

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  4. where is this place Lunde?