Sunday, September 11, 2011

Made in India

Hi!!! Monday’s are good as it brings back all of us refreshed and rejuvenated to share lots of stories. From the weekend is this picture, a flower arrangement at a friend’s place for Onam . Isn’t that beautiful. I got to eat lots and lots of traditional Kerala dishes which I have never tasted before and YUMM!! Eating them on the banana leaf added all the more taste :-).

After my all white  inspirations for Fall winter 2011 here and here , how about some color from 'Made in India' things.


So we will get to see more and more of Antique white / pastel distressed looks everywhere  :-).


  1. That's a lovely flower arrangement!
    We also went to a friend's place to celebrate Onam and had some great food. Hope you had a nice weekend, Shanthi! Have a good week!

  2. Even though the Malyalis use the same spices their food tastes so different!
    I am not a great fan of the distressed look.


  3. These are sweet! I like the idea of having just one distressed piece in a room like a chest of drawers, mixed in with more refined pieces. Eclecticism is what I'm all about :-)

  4. loved the flower arrangement..i admre people who make the most of what they have and where they are :)...she is pretty talented...and you seem to be liking the distressed look a lot :)

  5. I looooooove that flower arrangement.. Totally love the colour of those cabinets.. I want one.. :-)

  6. Isn't it good to see the colors of India in practically all parts of the world :) I just love it.

    You need to tell your friend that the flower arrangement looks superb!

    Thanks for your wishes on my blog :)