Monday, September 5, 2011

Everything 'Old' is the new 'New'

Are you forecasting oranges, bricks, purples and reds for fall/winter 2011. Then I am afraid that is not what is the trend forecast for the upcoming season.   Much to my surprise at this exhibition I frequent for upcoming trends (I have a standing invitation that lures me to go there every season :-)) - it is all White, more precisely - Antique white with distressed look every where.  I kind of fell in love with it immediately, so much so all the dark furniture started looking very heavy and dated. Romantic and inspiring in its own right, this vintage style is slowly creeping its way into the homes.

Am I trendy to the core? Not really,  but love to reuse the old things I have, with new touches that makes the home look trendy. Life goes in circles - Right?

clocks are still in and all in white

This almirah with the iron mesh reminds me of one in my grandma's house

It is just not white all the way. Stay tuned and I am bringing in color , I am sure you all will love.


  1. beautiful shanthi...I so want that clock in first pic and chest with number. I also remember almari in bluish color in our village similar to that...

  2. Interesting Shanthi, looking forward to the colors though:):)

  3. very interesting exhibition i must say...great to see the distressed look all set to come back

  4. Wow!! But thats so true.. that 'old' is the new 'new'.. :-)

  5. White looks beautiful, however I am for bold colors, whether it is the trend or not. If I change I would rather go for different colors than go back to white.
    Our house needs to be painted, I am looking forward to keeping the same colors, but with a different texture.
    I must say these pictures are truly beautiful.

  6. Looks like a gorgeous exhibition, and I love white as much as I love colour, and I am constantly trying to balance the two! There's so much character in the pieces you've shown, lovely!