Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mushroom picking

I have been doing a myriad different things the last couple of weeks one totally different from the other- mushroom picking, boating, fishing, walks in the woods, visit to a glass factory and of course some retail therapy. I have a big celebration coming up for my son soon and before I get very very busy and the blog world takes a back seat, I decided to do  a couple of posts :-).
Last week I was out with a friend picking mushrooms in the forest. Though most of them are finished, I could still get few to satiate my taste buds. The best part is one is out in the nature , walking on the soft bed of green moss and pine needles, and the return point always extending until you are lost in the forest a few kilometers deeper. It’s like a gamble – you are never too satisfied to say its enough :-).
The worst part is to know which ones to pick. A wrong one can get you killed sometimes – so one has to be very very careful while picking mushrooms. S is fully equipped with the knowledge of the good and bad ones and we set out with a basket, a brush to dust off the mud and a knife.  


The Kantarell
 The Trumpets
together with some black trumpets - our picks of the day
 Saute them in butter and sprinkle some salt and pepper and they are YUMM!!

all pics by me


  1. I see them on my hikes and have no clue whether they are safe or not. Glad you enjoyed that activity with a friend who knows.

  2. What lush green woods Shanthi, I loved the photos. I am not good at figuring out which mushrooms are safe, but those look delicious - I love mushrooms:):)

  3. I too love mushrooms, I love to slice them and fry them,put them on pizzas, they taste so delicious.
    But I would not take the risk of picking mushrooms.
    The pictures are so green and lovely.

  4. Wow! Seems you are darn lucky to be around nature.