Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Dusshera!!!

The festive mood has already been set with so many wonderful pictures and posts in the blog world and here I am wishing you for the big day tomorrow a very happy Dusshera!!!. I have been very busy last week doing so many things back to back and the good thing is I have so many interesting things to share with you all :-). Today  I was on a  mountain trip feasting on the autumn colors to the hearts content and randomly followed a road side board to a nearby farm to pluck maize and I was so happy to bring home these wonderful flowers for the festival.

 and this one for the vase :-)

all pictures by me


  1. Such lovely flowers, so huge and beautiful.
    Happy Dusshera!

  2. lovely lovely flowers...Happy dashehra to you too.

  3. Fantastic sun flower, Shanthi! It looks like the teddy bear version of a sun flower :-)

  4. Wow, these flowers are wonderful! I love how you've put a tea-light in one, so lovely!
    Happy (belated) Dusshera!!

    Meera xx

  5. Oh gosh.. such lovely lovely flowers.. Hope you had a lovely time!!