Wednesday, December 21, 2011

100th blog post + my birthday :-)

Hey!!! all you wonderful readers out there - readers is not the apt word - many of you have become friends now and I can't believe I am sitting now and writing the 100th post on homeShanthihome. What a journey! it had been and indeed such a wonderfully inspiring one :-). No wonder my DH complains that I spend all my time ( free time) glued to you all on the computer :-). It has been just too good  and to celebrate this 100th post I decided to post  back some of the best comments you left on my blog from time to time :-). This means I went through all your comments once again and I am so glad I did that :-) 

from the start 
Kamini said....
Shanthi....great going! Wishing you all the very best - tho honestly you don't need it, cos trust me, its going to be a great blog! For a rookie you've done a fabulous job so far.....
All the very very best to you from the bottom of my heart! And just fyi - Raga sleeps with the knife next to his pillow and that's scaring the heebie jeebies out of me ;-)
Our common love for sarees :-) here
GB said...
The very first one! It looks like a slightly different take on a balachauri? Is it?
it's gorgeous!
PS: your necklace in the last picture would go with it too! And that silver balls necklace would look lovely on me! :D (I know, I'm shameless!) 

Sound Horn Please said...
Oh Shathi! The 1st one is SO gorgeous! And the jewellery is to die for! The antique heavy ganesha with the beads... Where is it from? Lovely! I hope you wore the 1st sari to the party ;) Damn! Looks like I've missed so much.. 
Kala said...

Wow, what wonderful eye candy, I so enjoyed that Shanthi. I love Kalamkari designs and your saree is gorgeous:) 

Ambika said...

Oh my, these are stunning kalamkari pieces!! What patterns and use of them. 

Anpu said...

LOVED your SAREE Shanti...omg that is a heirloom piece...wear it with lots of love and enjoy the lovely tradition...

shared the festivals / Parties

Anpu said...

Happy Ugadi Shanti...Lovely Pictures...2011 should rock...I am sticking to Bevu-Bela...
I am using dried Neem fresh ones available...:-( and putting up the Gudi...the Maharashtrian way as I am Mumbaite by heart...:-) 

My3 said....
And yes I am shouting. They are so much fun. We went to a neighbor's house for the same party. But hey, I am soooo making a trip to Norway to eat golgappas in such classy cups. Toodle doo or however you say in Norwegian, see ya soon :)).

This is fantastic Shanthi! You look lovely and got a very sweet family:)
Beautiful captures and yummy food!
Thanks so much for sharing this gorgeous party of your son with all of us...

Emreen said...

Lovely photos...!! Sweet moments .. well captured... You look beautiful, Shanthi !!

Love the floral centerpiece... the gorgeous decor.. and The food looks yummy...

rama said...

And may I ask why not the picture for me too, you knew I always wanted to see you, and you just brushed aside my wish, and now Kala takes the credit, very very mean....
You look gorgeous Shanthi. The pictures are fantastic.And food too looks very delicious.
Nice of you to remember your good family friends.

Kala said...

Shanthi, I am speechless and so thrilled to finally see are gorgeous, as is your family:):) What a fabulous ceremony with family, friends and great food. Wish I was there:) I had to check out the photos many times over!

Wow, lovely images.

in times of need
Kala said...
Shanti, that was a beautiful photo essay of your summer activities - loved it:):) Looks like you will be missing your daughter, but new horizons beckon her:)

Shanthi.. You have all of us here in blog land.. to keep you on your toes.. So dont miss your little girl... so much!!! But I can only imagine how you are feeling.. I cant even think of Sims going away to college.. *sigh*.. and Yva.. I feel as though.. she'll always be mamas little girl.. No.. No.. !!

Maureen said...
Please know that we have you in our thoughts and prayers. A tragic event in such a peaceful country is truly shocking.
Such a tragedy. My lil sis lives in Norway and is still shell shocked. Although very sad the pic is a beautiful show of unity and love. God Bless Norway.

Sharon said...
that's a setting to die for! i love the way the decor blends in with lucky gal! :)

purplehomes said...
whoa! is this home straight from the magazine or what?
Designwali said...
ooh lovely! trip on the horizon....lucky you! 

Kala said...
Shanti, that corner looks so inviting, I want to come over:):) Thank you so much for the birthday wishes:)
Kamini said...
Oh looks dreamy! Like something out of a catalog showing outdoor design ideas. Really nice. I'm coming to visit you Shanthi next summer...have to talk Raga into it...maybe say he can buy another knife, or something like that which will appeal to his caveman instincts!!!

Im coming on the next flight.. This image is simply stunning!!   

So lovely!! The flowers are beautiful, your entry is just delightful and I absolutely love your Bollywood cushions! 

Remembering Amma and Thata 

MY3 said... 
Sniff. Sitting here surrounded by sleet, I went back to my Tatha too. They also lived in a gorgeous village. I visited them in June and helped Paati make butter by churning it with a long pole and then Paati would put it in the ugranu (pantry?) which was dark. I would only walk in a couple of feet into the ugranu. Thanks for the lovely memories. We lived too far to celebrate festivals with anybody. I feel so sorry for myself and my children. My husband grew up with so many relatives from both sides that I doubt if he even realizes what he has and what we have missed. I understand it when my son sometimes says he is lonely. He has a wee 3 year old cousin. My son is 19 :) in college.
OK off with the senti tone. Lovely lovely post. Thanks for posting such a difficult puzzle that made me feel privileged to solve it. I am usually a tubelight when it comes to all this.

Nayana said...
Shanthi, your mother was very warm and kind person. thank you for writing this post so we could know a kind soul like her...when I read that'not angry once' I realized sometimes how impatient I am with my son....She was very beautiful too...thank you for sharing this.
Shanthi- this was a really touching post and one of the best I've read on blogland. You are definitely lucky to have been born to such a lovely human being.
Kala said...
What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful mother Shanthi. Thank you so much for sharing her life with us, what a special person she was:)
Designwali said...
a beautiful were lucky to have such a wonderfully inspiring mother. Thanks for sharing...
Anpu  said...
Lovely post Shanti...Very special. Thanks for sharing...and your mom seems to be a great lady, warm, big hearted and kind. it is ok.
Yes your mom is no longer with you in her physical self, but will always always be with you in every other possible way. Love and Hugs Shanti...

Kamini said...
What a special warm tribute to your mother Shanthi! I know wherever she is, she is proud of you and the mother you have become to your children!
Hugs - Kamini
Shalini said...
Such a touching tribute to your mother. We take those we love for granted too often and it's such a loss to not be able to tell someone how important they are.
GB said...
Oh Shanthi this is such a beautiful post. You brought tears to my eyes. I'm sure she's very proud of her daughter too--beautiful inside and out!

much love,

on my travels
I'm so glad you showed these pictures. Having never been to Viet Nam, and being a child of the 60's and 70's, when I hear that name, my mind only pictures war. This is so much nicer. 

Sounds like you have the perfect weekend sorted out :-)
Love reading about your adventures, but goodness the crocodile activity looked SCARY!
P.S. Thank you so much for your lovely words on my previous post. You are a sweetheart!

Kala said...
Really enjoyed that visual journey Shanti, brought back memories of India:):) A country full of contradictions with some of the most kind-hearted people I know:)

You wished my near and dear ones
aaawww.. You are so sweet Shanthi.. Happy Birthday Chandra.. from all of us.. If it wasnt for you.. Shanthi wouldnt have a blog.. and thats not even nice to think of..

Nayana said...
Happy Birthday Shreya and Happy Diwali to you and your family Shanthi:)
Patricia Torres said...
aaawww.. What a cute post.. What a gorgeous home!! Happy Birthday Ingela.. from us here in Dubai as well..  

Other warm things you said ....

Little Dragon said... 
Hey, you are making me shy :-) Thank you, Shanthi, for that introduction. My little blog is quite simple and was originally meant for my friends spread around the world. I am very impressed with the blogging circle you belong to, Shanthi - so many wonderful women shaping and spreading ideas and beauty. I am proud to have you here in Norway - you are the best advertisement Norway could get! Big hug and have a great day!

GB said...
Awwwwwww, pepper. I want him (and someone to clean up after him, too!) 

I always LOVE my little trips here to your blog.

First of all - - - my MOTHER used to ALWAYS say, "We'd better make hay while the sun shines!"

Secondly - - - there are MANY Norwegians who immigrated to THIS part of Wisconsin and even farther north than this - - - looking at the pictures of your countryside, I can certainly see why. I BET when they got here, they thought they were in a second Norway in the New World!

GB said...
Beautiful, warm and gracious are the words that come to mind. Such a lovely post, Shanthi.......I love the friends you have surrounded yourself with, it speaks volumes about you!

Per and Rakel, thank you for inviting us into your wonderful home, I can just hear the music and the laughter..... :)   

and finally for almost touching every chord , here is a big HUG to all of you. Though I could not show all the comments and names here I want you all to know I truly enjoyed and appreciated every single comment that has been left on my blog.


  1. happy 100 babes....heres to many more posts from you!

  2. Thank you D! for being there always :-)

  3. Hugs your blog:) Happy birthday!

  4. Hi Shanti, I am follower of ur blog. Its great to be part of ur blog family. congratulation for post wonderful 100th blog on ur birthday. Wishing a joyous birthday. Keeping posting, I m waiting for ur posts eagerly.

  5. @Kala - Thanks dear and hugging you back again :-)
    @VIjayant - It's always nice to get to know the name on the many unknown readers you watch reading the blog. I have seen you though a few times on my blog. Thanks!

  6. Happy birthday and Many happy returns.

  7. Such a sweet post--true Shanthi-style! :)

    Happy birthday and here's to many many more birthdays and posts.....

  8. What a sweet and inventive post. Happy Birthday, and here's to many more wonderful posts.

  9. Kudos for the 100th post and wish ur eminence should glow forever and ever N Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy B'day :)

  10. Happy (belated) birthday and happy blog milestone, Shanthi!! This is such a sweet unique post, you are so lovely!

    Meera xx

  11. Woot! Woot! Happy Birthday :) Hope you are around on blogger for many many more birthdays to come! I've enjoyed learning so much about Norway and it's people through your posts... Can I steal some credit for telling you aeons ago that you should start a blog ;)

  12. Congratulations on the 100th post! It has been an awesome ride with you. Loved getting to know you and your likes through the blog. Blogs really are a window into our souls, no? Love how we can all be honest in our comments. Have a wonderful century and may we get to read many many more this year. Happy New 2012.


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