Thursday, December 15, 2011

For all the good times we have shared together

Did you recognize this place? This is one corner in the house where we as a family spend hours together - our family corner

As I have an open kitchen, while I and my husband are quickly putting together the days only hot and the main meal in the evening, my son and daughter would be sitting here doing their home work, sharing the anecdotes from their day, quarreling with each other over simple things,  sharing jokes, teasing each other, my husbands achievements and woes from the job, my highs and lows - all revealed here.
Not only this, it has been the seat of  many many wonderful dinners over the years with flavors from different lands being served, fine wine flowing, intelligent and witty conversations, people from all walks of life from philosophers to artists to ambassadors to scientists to plumbers. There is something to learn from each one and each one had an interesting story to tell. 

When I work from home, this is the place where I have my home office, or should I say I end up here most of the time, from my so called office. This has also been a place for expressing my creative side - laying out different table scapes, trying different decor ideas .

 Oh my god this one knows too much about us and may be we  should'nt be changing it :-).  But variety is the spice of life - right? so we anyways decided to bring in a new one. Today my husband and son sat down and opened it's every nut and bolt , packed it carefully and moved all the chairs and the table to the loft above us. 
Hopefully I will bring it down one day and it will again give the same joy as it did all these years :-). And the new one that is coming in tomorrow - doesn't  know  it's responsibilities yet :-).  Keep watching this space ...


  1. Wow! everything is so full of good memories. The new one too will churn up very pleasant memories over the years, and you would look back lovingly and feel grateful for the part it played in your life.
    Have a wonderful time!

  2. Omg!...the old table is moving up to the loft?...your home is like mine...with the dining table the center of the universe!, talk, fight, paint, sew, study...guess everything revolves around that table...Send us pics of the new one...and yes...make lots of lovely warm memories with the new one....
    Happy holidays...and thanks for brought back such warm memories...

  3. Wishing you many (new) happy memories around the new table! (It is the people that make the memories after all!!) :)

  4. Thanks for sharing such a wonderfull and lovely moments and eagerly wiring to see the place to pop-up :)

  5. Will look forward to your next post; good times around that table with family and friends. Have a great Friday and weekend!

  6. thats cool,so many memories weaved together....i loved it

  7. change is good...imagine the new memories you will be making...

  8. Beautifully documented, Shanthi.....a home filled with love, that's what this is.