Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The first look.....

A table for 6 that can expand to 12, all 12 chairs, a Buffet,  and a Vitrine - Oh my Gosh .. all arrived on the magical day putting an end to my wait after packing this up. Not knowing when it would arrive, I cancelled my meetings and kept myself available. With no handy man in the house, I had to make sure all was in place properly ( my husband may get angry for saying this) :-). To my surprise the call came at 9.00 in the morning and they said they would deliver it in 30 minutes. All excited I was running like a Yo Yo in the house trying to clear the last bits and pieces from its way. Promptly they arrived and Lo! it was 2 Indian guys who came to deliver it. With lots of pakdo , kisko, hato, idhar and udhar's they carried the things in. Excited having got my stuff and that too listening to the Indian language, I offered to make Chai for them. Promptly they said YES and that too wanted an Indian Chai. I am a Black tea / Green tea person and never made a good masala chai ever :-).  
A pat on my shoulder -I did make good 'Adrak Chai' which they sipped up while fixing the nuts and bolts.
 This is the first look - white oil painted whole tree Oak
The actual fun started now - arranging and rearranging , bringing in all the boxes tucked away in all possible rooms and corners,  putting a thing here....
 feels empty! let me add this
How about this one too?
what do you think? does it seem better here ....
 isn't this fun? stay tuned, I have loads of boxes to open......


  1. Fun fun...you have a whole room now to decorate...which means empty boxes in the store room...translated...more shopping soon...LOL...dying to see what the whole room looks like...post pics...and enjoy the hols...16 pds...kataya...

  2. WOwwwww looks like ur going to do a excited and fun project for these holidays have fun dying to see the finished output :)

  3. It looks wonderful--love the whitewashed oak you chose.

    and ROFL at the pakdo khisko idhar and udhar. *grin*

  4. So much fun. I love the streamlined look of the table.