Monday, August 29, 2011

Ooops!!!! Sorry gals

Ok I didn't think it was that easy  to guess it, but I was just worried of all you smarties out there.  Well well I am sure you want to know what I have lost and isn't this obvious 

Well seriously, no jokes now for all the inspiration and support from you all -  I am seriously embarking on this 30 day or more diet plan.  My3 and Anu - let's get going NOW.

guess what?

I said to myself sometime ago, it's time to get fit . So I have embarked on this journey all over again and I am surprised how I could do this . Every day I have to fill in the loss in the black box . So can you guess and fill that black box for me today or watch this space tomorrow to see the result. I guarantee I will not disappoint you. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

late summer treasures.....

Everything  around me is indicating that Autumn is around the corner - birds chirping their travel itineraries to head back to the winter resorts, already yesterday I noticed some fallen leaves on the ground, early morning dew drops on the grass, hay bundles to be stored away for the coming months, summer sales done, shops flooded with Autumn /winter stuff.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! why is summer so short. But I am still enjoying the late summer treasures like

the raspberry’s from a friends garden

 Tomatoes in my pots
 and its shades
  the ducks still around

For those of you to whom Summer is as precious,  do enjoy it's last treasures and traces....

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Do you shop till you drop?

Hey!!!!  how is the week coming along. Do you any time get depressed coz’ you have been shopping and shopping and shopping :-).  Right now I am kind of feeling it.  Every time I finish one shopping spree I make  a resolution that I am not going to shop unless I only NEED something.  But the line between  the ’NEED’ and the ’WANT’ is so thin I do not even realize when the Want becomes a Need :-).  Sometimes I feel everything is a need and is a must have or may be is it just the greed within :-).   Anyways here are some weekend buys. Do share some good tips on how to STOP shopping :-). My family complains though, that I am doing more of this after starting the blog :-). Well!!!! then I have a reason and a valid one isn't it?:-).


 This a flea market find - Originally an oil lamp turned into an electrical one.

fed up of the weight restrictions- I find it easy to buy them here when available instead of carrying from India unless they are some family heirlooms.

 An old wine jar - that I have been longing for a long time.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Fash Bash - Kalamkari

Are you ready for one more fashion extravaganza. Much had been said and written about the wonderful art of  ’Kalamkari’ – the pride of Andhra :-).  A hint from Divya of Soundhornplease inspired me to do this post today. The Fashion week Winter/ Festive 2011 is in full swing and let us look at some all time Kalamkari classics in the fashion world.
Nishka Lulla an young designer took  to them in the ongoing fashion week in her ready to wear dresses for the more modern crowd.  Though not my style, if the art can reach larger audience and thereby encourage the artisans  to keep this excellent art form alive, the effort is appreciated.

My all time favorite Asmita Marwah already in 2008 made the whole fashion world go gaga over her classical, yet modern timeless creations

Ritika Mittal is a god sent angel to handlooms and handmade art forms.   Look at these creations and gorgeous pallus from her .  

I love these sarees too. Available at

Kalamkari sarees had been a rage for the past few years especially in Andhra and I pride this one in my wardrobe where stories have been weaved into the border. It's a pity the photographs did not capture 1/100th of its elegance. Click on the pictures to see them better :-).

Have a nice weekend.

Picture credits : Hamara photos, miss malini, roupspace, Greensurf, Sakhi fashions , Mora by Ritika mittal, Bharat Student.  The last 5  are mine :-)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One in and one out - is that the maha mantra of decluttering

My dining area is a free place without much ado to it. But now I badly need some cabinets and chests to tuck away all the crockery and cutlery bought over the years in an easy accessible way , where I don’t need to use a ladder to reach them - getting old I suppose :-). Though I am glad that we are seriously looking for some practical options , I am sad that I will have to move this out – an old bar cabinet which I use to showcase my crystal collection. Yes the cabinet in the right hand corner is what I am talking about

With angled mirrors each piece in there has multiple images giving a real cool effect. 
When the golden light falls on it , it has another charm alltogether :-)

I am sure I will find another place for it in the house without much protest from the family :-). What do you think - Should this be In or Out?

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A week that ticked away so fast .....

Hmmmm.... the week that had gone by was not just any other normal week – this was the last week of summer vacation :-( and I guess u all know how precious that is. Did not even realize how the clock ticked away this fast amidst all the family fun - late nights, lazy mornings , movie times, cozy dinners .....

Pizza's and Taco's

long walks into the woods

Island trips.....

and suddenly it was time for daughter S to pack her bags and leave. 

It feels empty and is so so difficult, but then she has to move on and experience the adventures in her life. Right? Thank God!!!! it is another 4 years before Sankalp starts college :-).  Have a nice week ahead. Happy B'day Chandra - to you all my readers Chandra is the one who helped me put my blog in place :-) 

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Sravana Sukravaram

Happy Sravana Sukravaram ( Friday's that come in the telugu month of Sravana (usually in Aug or Sept) where goddess Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth is being worshipped) .  Surprisingly I was told that it is a govt holiday for lakshmi puja in Andhra this time. Atleast I have not heard about it before.  I did my schooling in a convent and I remember quite distinctly being called by my principal asking why I was not in the uniform that day. I told her that it is our festival and it is important for me to do the puja and wear my traditional clothes – swinging around showing off my pattu pavada ( silk long skirt) to her and apparently questioning her why we did not get a holiday on that day . I must have been in class 4 then :-). Today  I am going for a lakshmi puja and I am so much looking forward to it. Though I am not a very religious person, I still like to be a part of such things – may be because it reminds me of home and brings back all those memories of merrymaking, rituals, family get- together’s and of course  the yummy yumm  goodies and feasts that are a part of it. Happy Sravana Sukravaram to all of you.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

the GOLDEN glow

To get back to regular blogging after a pause kinda takes good effort to be regular with it. I have been thinking to feature my windows for quite sometime and even the pictures were ready long back. Today Kamini's reference to Scandinavian light inspired me to bring out some of these pics I clicked in May this year. Sometimes it is amazing how golden that glow is and shines through everything around us. I guess this is what keeps us going in this cold country.


These pics below I just clicked today at 21.30 Norwegian time when the sun was just about setting :-). 

My son is coming back from his trip to India and this is the last week before my daughter heads back to her univ. So I am really looking forward to the golden moments with them this week. You too enjoy your week with the loved ones.

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