Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One in and one out - is that the maha mantra of decluttering

My dining area is a free place without much ado to it. But now I badly need some cabinets and chests to tuck away all the crockery and cutlery bought over the years in an easy accessible way , where I don’t need to use a ladder to reach them - getting old I suppose :-). Though I am glad that we are seriously looking for some practical options , I am sad that I will have to move this out – an old bar cabinet which I use to showcase my crystal collection. Yes the cabinet in the right hand corner is what I am talking about

With angled mirrors each piece in there has multiple images giving a real cool effect. 
When the golden light falls on it , it has another charm alltogether :-)

I am sure I will find another place for it in the house without much protest from the family :-). What do you think - Should this be In or Out?

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  1. Love how you captured the light and all the crystal and glass sparkles and shines! I like the cabinet near the window... holding all the crystals..perfect!Thanks for visiting me and for your kind comments. Hope you are keeping well.~Poppy

  2. I love your crystal collection Shanthi. even if you have move the cabinet dont move the crystals. do something to keep them at that place and get drenched in sunlight...the sun rays on it almost give it a surreal feel. lovely clicks.
    mounting part of that cabinet or a new one on the wall might do the trick.

  3. Not a big fan of that cabinet, but love the collection. keep it there :)

  4. Love your beautiful crystal collection. Mine are lying back in New Delhi..:(..
    Great post!

  5. What a fabulous crystal collection, love the light shining on them. Definitely keep them there. As for the cabinet, I am sure it will find a place elsewhere and fit in quite nicely there:):)

  6. Your pictures are gorgeous. I love the way the light shines in on everything. Beautiful vignettes. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. Love the way the sunlight lights up your collection.

  8. aaaww.. All the pics are stunning!! With a collection like that.. I don't think.. one out.. one in.. Just keep them all.. :-)

    But yes.. declutter is the best stress buster!! :-)