Sunday, August 14, 2011

A week that ticked away so fast .....

Hmmmm.... the week that had gone by was not just any other normal week – this was the last week of summer vacation :-( and I guess u all know how precious that is. Did not even realize how the clock ticked away this fast amidst all the family fun - late nights, lazy mornings , movie times, cozy dinners .....

Pizza's and Taco's

long walks into the woods

Island trips.....

and suddenly it was time for daughter S to pack her bags and leave. 

It feels empty and is so so difficult, but then she has to move on and experience the adventures in her life. Right? Thank God!!!! it is another 4 years before Sankalp starts college :-).  Have a nice week ahead. Happy B'day Chandra - to you all my readers Chandra is the one who helped me put my blog in place :-) 

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  1. Shanti, that was a beautiful photo essay of your summer activities - loved it:):) Looks like you will be missing your daughter, but new horizons beckon her:)

  2. I second Kala...lovely photo essay of your summer...and all the fun stuff you did together...

  3. First few days are always like that,however one soon gets used to it.I remember how i missed my daughter when she decided to move out to her own place, which was closer to her place of work, and my son had to live in hostel during his college years. I used to keep coming to their rooms and really feel tears welling up. I would remember them whenever I made anything good that they liked to eat. At least those days we would get to meet quite often, but now both of them have left forever, and seeing them often would be difficult.
    But I am used to it now, and I am quite okay with it.
    The dishes prepared by you look very delicious. I think these are the memories which we would always cherish about our loved ones.

  4. Beautiful images and seems like a lovely summer.

  5. aaawww.. You are so sweet Shanthi.. Happy Birthday Chandra.. from all of us.. If it wasnt for you.. Shanthi wouldnt have a blog.. and thats not even nice to think of..

    Shanthi.. You have all of us here in blog land.. to keep you on your toes.. So dont miss your little girl... so much!!! But I can only imagine how you are feeling.. I cant even think of Sims going away to college.. *sigh*.. and Yva.. I feel as though.. she'll always be mamas little girl.. No.. No.. !!

    Loved all the food.. and the walk in the woods.. amazing!!

    Hope you have a lovely week ahead.. And thank you.. so so much for linking in today.. Totally made my day!! Im hoping to see you more often now.. :-)

  6. Loved this post, beautiful pictures .. and I wish your daughter good luck! Gets me thinking of what my mum would've felt when I left home to pursue my studies..
    And I'd Love to see what you're doing with chalk paint Shanthi, pls do share that once you're done! Good day to you!

  7. Shanthi, I loved reading this post and pics are beautiful...good luck to your daughter. I love the idea in 2nd pic:)

  8. This is a beautiful post. It made me happy and sad at the same time. Life can be so full and beautiful.

  9. Thts wht life is:) beautiful pics

  10. Lovely images of your summer days, Shanthi!