Sunday, October 28, 2012

The clock struck 3 and the hands moved back

At the stroke of 3 early today the clocks are turned back by 1 hour in most European countries. "Spring Forward Fall Back" is the phrase where once in Spring we turn the clocks forward by 1 hour to gain the daylight saving time to have more sunlight in the evenings after office hours and in the Fall - the last sunday of October at 3.00 AM the clocks are turned back again to standard time by 1 hour . I love this as I can sleep one hour longer in the cold dark winter mornings :-).


  1. Ooops - - - I put my clock comment on the wrong post, so when you find it you'll know it belongs HERE.

  2. Hey Keetha! Seen the comment :-). It is 2.00 UTC and we are UTC+1 and therefore changes at 3.00 AM officially. Yes I too do it before going to the bed - easy way :-).