Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Is anyone saying Italian...

With dipping temperatures, outdoor activities take a back seat and the grills and the beach front dining slowly give into cozy dinners around the fire place, catching up with friends, stimulating discussions and happy times. Today we had one such fine dining with friends at Sekhar's colleague Kristoffer's home with special guests of honour. 

fall theme prevailed on a beautifully decorated table
Glasses ready for the legume soup to be served later
Some Cranberry Vodka in an angel glass
As the guests of honour were Vegetarians they zeroed in on an Italian dinner - Bruschettas,Tomato Mozarella cheese

followed by delicious multi Mushroom Risotto made with fresh ingredients and the aroma of Truffle oil lingering on, shredded parmesan, baked Aubergines with pesto and Asparages
and a special Italian dish for the meat lovers too
 lip smacking desert with the Norwegian cloud berries collected above 1000 moh and ice cream with Krokans of caramelized hazelnuts made by elisabeth. It was just YUMM!
 Tea time was desi with an Indian tea cosy covering up Indian chai
 and served in this cup made by Kristoffers mother before the war in 1945
Thank you Kristoffer and Elisabeth for a wonderful evening.

Risotto from here


  1. Wounderful setting...K&E's house is so warm..And the food so tasty...

  2. the food, ambiance and the pictures :)..awesome

  3. The food looks yummy! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. lovely...i had to scroll back and drool over the dessert:)

  5. What a lovely evening Shanthi...everything looks perfect - good food, good people in a warm environment:)