Sunday, October 21, 2012

Festive fever....

Sekhar just came back from India today and what more can set the tone for a true festive spirit than a bag of goodies from back home and that too with a personal touch :-).

Aarti and Yuti sent me these cute personal notes along with the cute things I wished for

Thanks Yuti and Aarti for making this a totally different experience with personal messages, follow up's and by just constantly keeping in touch :-)
and this adds the Indian flavor to my bunch of bags

 and for a saree lover like me .... I am smiling :-)

 Happy Festivities to you all.


  1. The sari is sooo gorgeous....!!! The border is so stunning. Loving it.


  2. Beautiful....omg...omg! Gorgeous, elegant...just love it...

  3. I too loved both the saree and the bag. I would love to see "the gorgeous and the most beautiful you" in these...please post a pic:)

  4. Beautiful saree and blouse, enjoy the festive season!!!

  5. Another stunner from your the details on the blouse as well. Yum.

  6. Love your blog! Been looking at little snippets from your life for the past hour, it makes me smile. Keep writing. I'm adding it to the list of blogs I follow on my blog.