Sunday, December 16, 2012

Breaking plates.....

Yes you have guessed it right - It's all about an evening at one of our Greek friends home. I will let you know what this breaking the plates is.... Greece is all nice things - fantastic islands, beautiful beaches, remote villages, mountains and most of all I love their FOOD and their salads with the wild greens and  yummy cheeses tossed with lip smacking virgin Olive oil.

The festive season has BEGUN! and what better way than in a greek home with lovely ambience, music, great food and wonderful company of friends. I will let the pics speak ...

I really liked the dramatic effect created in the bed room by a floor lamp
lovely black and white sketches 1.steps at the benaras ghat, 2. a tram in kolkota street and 3. a street market. They picked these in India during their 2 year stay on an UN project.
 Yummy Isn't it? Baked Aubergines and capsicum with a generous spread of tzaziki


and finally the cappucino in the making

Coming back to the breaking of plates - we were told that Greeks like breaking plates to release the positive energy that has peaked during the party and express happiness. Gypsum plates are made for this purpose and there are special places where one can order a party including the breaking of the plates. Interesting !!! Read more here

all pics by me . Last


  1. Super like...what a lovely post...first amazing photographs....the yummy dishes are mouthwatering!...then the glimpse of the pencil drawings...and that gorgeous wall hanging...would love to have a closer pic of the same...and then the details of the glass breaking ritual...letting go the positive energy...a lovely thought...

  2. Mouth watering dishes, Great photos.

  3. I just loved the wall hanging there behind the dinner table...though only half of it is visible. And the food is really really tempting...:)

  4. these breaking plates sounds something interesting :)