Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My first trip to Africa

When the plans for a trip to Africa were unfolding – I really did not have much expectations , didn’t think much , didn’t do much home work  – but then this turned out to be one of the best trips I ever experienced. Not in any particular order but over the next few weeks I will post things I enjoyed.
Art , Wine, Mountains , Vineyards, Music, Old world charm  - Yes then you are in the right place - Stellenbosch a quaint little university town in South Africa , 45 kms from Cape town will delight you in more than one way.
Be it the scenic drive through the extensive winelands spread across the valleys surrounded by majestic mountains
the gorgeous cape dutch 300 to 400 year old homes , 
 with their exquisite furniture - intricate inlay work below - looks 3D but feels like 1 piece on an almirah
 It's always intersting to see the kitchn's from the bygone erasThe copper container on the table I was told is a post box . The lady of the house would find in it an apology note from her husband after a fight or an argument. 
Ofcourse you are in Stellenbosch - and visits to the wine yards and wine tasting is a must ...
 Rustenberg wine estate that we visited and one of its many impressive buildings
 this town is sure to fill one’s eyes and heart making it a ‘want to comeback place’.  Oops!!!! did I hint anything :-).
  We chance upon such quaint little places as my husband’s work takes him there. I am not complaining that he is traveling 100 days a year :-)

pic 1by Laurette Van der Merwe


  1. whoa!!!postcard perfect pictures. I would love to travel to all these quaint little places in future ....

  2. Lovely, lovely pictures Shanthi, I am sure there are more pictures in store, don't disappoint us.
    Really wonderful!

  3. Love it...Shanti...what a beautiful post...what lovely pictures....love quaint towns, houses and the mysteries held within...the wine yards are to die for...and South African wines are considered connoisseurs delight....pls post post more pictures...and yes it is ok for Miya to travel...as long as you can travel with him...to all these places....

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