Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas - the most Perfect timing!!!

There could not have been a more perfect timing for Christmas!!!  

For me though it is not of any religious significance, it is still a high point in the middle of the winter that not only makes me deal with the ice and the cold and the freezing tempertaures, but makes them enjoyable too.

Today  at minus 14C I was walking out in the Jul Marked( Christmas Market) arranged every year in the walking street of Oslo and I definetely need a Christmas and its festive fervor to live through the cold dark winter days,

 festive shopping

Red Vanilla Glazed apples
 cheese with that little extra, and figs withBalsamico

 Fresh caramelised almonds
and ofcourse the winter wear. 

There could not have been a more perfect timing for Christmas!!!


  1. What a lovely market. Stay warm. I love this time of the year too :)

  2. Oh, they are so beautiful Shanthi. I want some/one of those lovely candles.
    Such lovely woolens, are they too expensive?
    Lovely, lovely.

  3. they are beautiful images Shanthi...and perhaps this is the only time of the year i wish I lived abroad!:)

  4. I have that black and white sweater I bought in Norway, in 1991! Love it. It is so warm, I rarely need a jacket over it.


  5. Wowww Xmas shopping in this way most exciting way to shop :)

  6. Ooh what a fabulous Christmas market! We have one here in Nottingham too, and I love it, it makes me feel so festive. For me too Christmas is what helps me get through the cold and dark of winter.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful festive time this Christmas and a fantastic new year!

    Meera xx

  7. Hi Shanthi, Thanks for your comment today :) My little store on the beach is in my plans...maybe someday :) You are always welcome :)