Friday, May 27, 2011

Vietnam - A day at the sea

Each day is getting better with something more added. After a half day shopping at the famous Bahnthan market in Ho chi minh city yesterday - we packed our bags to Nha Trang a coastal city. It was cool and breezy with azure blue waters and ofcourse a love at first sight.

Finished the formalities of checking in and here was the cosy room

Ofourse there was a blind if you wanted :-)

I am not intending to write a big post until Monday till I am back from the vacation.  Wishing you all a Happy long weekend with some inspirations from my tour. R and R at a beach, indulge in good food or shopping or in some song and dance.



a floating village

 Best Seafood ever eaten in the fisherman's floating hut.....

 the resort...

all photos - Self
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  1. Love, love all the photos Shanti, absolutely gorgeous:) That hammock shot is an inspiration for a future painting:):)

  2. love the virtual tour...Thanks Shanti...Great images

  3. Shanti, a very nice set of photos. My fav is the one with the log swing. You seem to having a great time in Vietnam, seeing the country from the inside out...a lovely way to explore!

  4. Sounds like you have the perfect weekend sorted out :-)

    Love reading about your adventures, but goodness the crocodile activity looked SCARY!

    P.S. Thank you so much for your lovely words on my previous post. You are a sweetheart!

    Meera xx

  5. What a beautiful place you have visited. Thanks for sharing with us the pictures.

  6. You sure are having a funtastic holiday my friend!!!!!

  7. aawww.. Shanthi.. so super sweet of you to not only write.. but to link in as well.. from your holiday.. oh!! so pleased!! thank you!!

    these are such amazing pics.. I've always wanted to visit Vietnam... Sounds like you are having an amazing time!!

  8. Have a great time at your trip...
    Oh .. love those girls, their smiles, fans and dress...

    Love the shot of swing.. and that hammock... !!

  9. Thank you for taking us on your vacation with you. Vietnam is beautiful.

  10. I'm so glad you showed these pictures. Having never been to Viet Nam, and being a child of the 60's and 70's, when I hear that name, my mind only pictures war. This is so much nicer.

  11. Beautiful pictures Shanthi!! It looks like a great relaxing place :)

  12. Lovely pics Shanthi.It must have been wonderful in Vietnam.