Monday, May 9, 2011

Not able to get your house decluttered?

To those of you who want to get that clutter out but keep postponing the D- day of decluttering  – My advice is agree to a home tour and your house will get organized. Ask those who have given blog tours of their homes and they will completely agree with me. I think I gave a good advice plus a clue of what is awaiting you this week :-).

I’ve spent Saturday – a half day in the loft trying to get winter things out of sight.  Then I was arranging and rearranging and re -rearranging the house, with big questions - of what should go where, do I need this? does this fit here? , can I move this? - I managed to drive my family crazy in the very first hour and poor souls had to confine themselves to the TV .  My daughter gave me a million dollar advice - Mamma!, anything you do not want in your blog post – THROW IT – You wouldn’t need it or miss it. I tell you that solved IT. Known to be a keeper of things and one who could never get rid of anything,  I filled in a couple of cartons that I could part with :-).  Thank you S – it worked.

I went past all these things on my usual Sunday walk and was wondering which one would you pick on a sunny Sunday? would you go after

and Plants to fill them

or go on Walks
or sail by boats

or cruise in  this one that came along

or in another one 

or in a third one.....
and end your walk in plantasjen – a place where one can buy anything and everything related to plants and gardens. We bought some home and I know this is the first of many trips in the coming days.

Have a wonderful week ahead doing what you want to do and of course what you need to do :-). 
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  1. Oh Shanthi! I had no idea it would cause so much stress...before i give anything else away, let me shut up! ;)

    Loved those blue pots...and the pics of ships on the sea reminded me of the dreamy 'i see a boat on the river' song by Boney M...

    I see a boat on the river,
    It's sailing away
    Down to the ocean,
    Where to i can't say.

  2. Brilliant idea! I think I will also go around my house with a camera and take pictures. If I think it is cluttered, out it goes. I love this give-and-take of ideas! And how exciting to see all the plants come alive. My Japanese Maple looked dead and I was thinking, oh the poor thing did not survive to see it's first winter, when suddenly, it is full of leaves and looks happy. I have a few more plants and will take care of them as the weeks go by. I have heirloom tomatoes and flowers and...


  3. thats a pretty handsome addition to your garden...
    I would love to do all of the above :)

  4. Oh.. those pots look lovely.. I'd like so much from there..

    Thanks for linking in.. :-) Cant wait to see your home tour!!

  5. Loving those gorgeous Potteries and the awesome view of the lake. Great post!~Poppy

  6. @Sharon - Decluttering is an art and I am weak in that :-)
    @Sanghamitra, Mindspace - Thank you
    @Patty - Yes that is at my famous farm house
    @Poppy - That is a Fjord - sea coming between the mountains. Norway is a land of Fjell (Mountains) and Fjords.

  7. love your idea! anything not fit for one's blog goes away...brilliant way to declutter :) and those pots...i want them all!

  8. @My3 - Try it My3 - It worked for me :-)
    Prachi - Isn't that a brilliant idea from my daughter.

  9. That's a super weekend, shopping, long walks, sailing.. nice!

  10. Good idea! BUt honestly speaking I am good at getting rid of stuff I dont need, but this does help! Love the pots in the first photo! Where did you say they are available?