Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gratulerer med Dagen

This is how we greet one another on the 17th of May. I repeat the date 17th of May in my various posts instead of referring it to as the National day , as I want that to be registered deep in your minds to be included in your plans if and when visiting Norway. The first thing in the morning and one thing my son does without being told the second time is hoisting the flag.  

With the men dressed in their suits and me adorned with a saree, together with sussane a friend visiting us from Czech republic , we stepped out for another 17th of May to enrich our lives with some more great memories. Is it just the festivities, food and drink that is so glamorous or is it the people’s participation and the spirit of nationalism, which I would say is an inclusive nationalism where people from everywhere are included and made to feel a part of it .

We first set out to Oslo to see the royals wave to thousands of children, that walk past the palace, with their rosy-cheeked smiles and  traditional costumes shouting  Hip Hip Hurra!, singing, blowing whistles and shaking rattles. 

It’s just people people everywhere dressed in their best dresses and mostly in their bunad’s – the traditional dress of Norway (which I will cover in a post by itself).

Mai and Ole 
In the evening we headed to my town centre to watch the citizen’s parade where different clubs and organizations from the county parade themselves ranging from vintage cars to horses to tractors, to He cats to She cats to the Russ.

The Russ - Students in the last year of High school celebrating completion of their 13 years of School
Some of my daughters friends. Aren't they beautiful.
This is truly a special time to be in Norway, and you should by all means join in with the locals if you happen to be here and that’s what we did – gathered at a friend’s place (Knut and Christine) to round it up with good food, wine and some merry making.

Susanne with the hosts

Knut lighting up the evening


 Yummy cheese cake by C

 Norway meets India

  And of course the Rødt Hvit and Blått cake has to be there


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I will always remember May 17 because it also happens to be my nephew's birthday. His festivities are not quite as elaborate.

  2. Thanks for showing us this tradition--what a beautiful day! Thanks so much for linking to my Share the Love Link Party!

  3. Lovely Tradition.. Glad u enjoyed ur day.. Nice pictures..

    New to ur space and following u :)

    Do visit me as time permits

  4. Wow! the pictures are amazing. Thanks for letting us peep into the festivities.
    The Cheese cake looks delicious, and so too the other food items in the menu. First time here, and I really liked it, it was a feast to the eye.