Monday, May 16, 2011

Hurra!!!! Hurra !!!! - it’s celebration across the country

Last week I thought for a while, if my serial house tours here and here bombed the blogger. Thank god it is up again, though I missed most of your comments :-(.

 I decided to specially dedicate this week to Norway and it’s national day - the 17th of May. 

I can write miles on the spirit and things associated with this day.  The national pride, the sense of oneness, the traditional dresses, bands, parades, concerts,  family dinners and merry making are all a part of this day. 

17th of May is the national day of Norway on which its constitution was framed in 1814, declaring Norway free from 400years of Danish rule. A very special and very very different day from many other national day celebrations -  no military tankers and missiles marching past ,no display of power or no government officials, here it is a through and through people’s day . 

Flags and music , parades with children and their bands , men and women dressed in their bunads dominate the festivities  across all cities, towns and farms – to put it short the whole country is out there on the streets. This is a day to see and a day to be seen as well :-). I strongly recommend anyone planning to visit Norway, to have this day in their plans.

The nationalism runs through everything, right from the candles and runners to the  flowers and cakes - getting ready for the day. Check if you have a Norwegain consulate or an association in your city and join their festivities if you can. 

  and the cake says - Yes we love this country - the national anthem!!!!

Stay tuned for more .... 

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  1. Here is wishing you and all your countrymen, a very Happy National day! It is so much fun getting to know about Norway through you...Thanks Shanti

  2. What lovely images...truly captures the spirit. Enjoy the celebrations.

  3. Flags waving a happy dance----such a lovely display . Happy Norway day to you and yours, S!

  4. wow! i'm indian and live in sweden. so wonderful to meet another indian nordic blogger!

  5. @Anpu, Anu and GB - it's really wonderful experiencing the national day in Norway
    @Sapphire - That's interesting and I just had a peek-a-boo into your blog. Will come back again.

  6. wow!u blog is too good.Very informative.And my birthday falls on 17 may.write more about their r so lucky to stay in an enchanted land that what I feel of Norway