Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday 'INGELA'

It is a shame none of us in the family remembered that it was Ingela’s B'day today even after she invited us for dinner, and partly I blame her as well as she is not on the facebook :-). Those who have been reading my posts must have read my references about her here, here and here. Well she is an extended member of our family, kinda "Tante" (aunt) to my kids, a friend and buddy where they can sit and discuss all things about school , play, movies, books so on and so forth. I even asked her to get an account on facebook and be their friend to tip me of any unusual things hapenning in their world - Mother's curiosity :-) , and she will never do that I know. She is a great listener where I can pour my heart out and a great discussion companion to Sekhar on environmental issues and so on. She is a total vegetarian very against animal killing , totally in love with India and that part of the world, a great baker, a yoga freak and a yogi by nature - very reflective and simply put " et godt Menneske" - a good human being. If you are looking for reflective blog  you can visit her here

When we reached her house the flag was up. In Norway you can hoist a flag on your house when there is something special happening and then I asked Sekhar - is someone having a B'day today and he suddenly remembered - Oh ya it's Ingela's. I will let the pictures speak about the rest of the evening. I shamelessly carry my camera everywhere and start taking pictures and everyone knows that I am blogging so I am excused. But I have to learn soon when how much is too much :-)

A lemonade ready to be poured out 

The olives, Guacomole dip, sour cream and Salsa  

Baked Enchillada's

 Penny's Note stand in the kitchen holds this 

 The Birthday girl with the Yummy chocolate cake 

   4 months old felix celebrating his Tante's B'day 

Felix giving his first gift to Tante Ingela

Ingela lives with her parents and they have a beautiful house where every inch of  it is lively. It is worth several blog posts , so I was very very careful not to show off her house :-).  Stay tuned and soon I will show case it. 


  1. Ingela indeed has a beautiful home! and thanks for sharing the same. Loved her kitchen and all the lovely pottery pieces. The dinner table was wounderfully set! and teh yummy chocolate cake...esp loved the frescos of Jesus by the fireplace....here is wishing Ingela a fantastic birthday and a great year...Cheers!!!

  2. Thank you, Shanthi - for a lovely post! And thank you for coming to my humble party :-)

  3. aaawww.. What a cute post.. What a gorgeous home!! Happy Birthday.. from us here in Dubai as well..

  4. Hi Shanthi, thanks for dropping by and following me and your lovely comment! Love this sweet post! Ingela has a beautiful house and I loved her tablecape!... the enchillada, the lemonade and the potteries... and of course cute Felix! Have a great week ahead!~Poppy


  5. Wow, love Ingela's home. Really enjoyed your home too at Colours Dekor - especially the water features. Gorgeous, gorgeous:):)

  6. @ all thank you for the wishes you sent to Ingela . I will pass them on.
    @ Kala yes it was fun planning and doing all those stuff.

  7. Shanthi, loved your home on Patty's blog. Great post...looking forward to more!!

  8. Hi Shanthi,

    I enjoyed reading your blog entries and seeing the beautiful photos. I liked the clever word play in your blog name. :)