Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tea for TWO

After having some glimpses in my different posts - are you ready for touring some beautiful Norwegian homes .  I am foraying into a monthly series – Et Norsk Hjem ( meaning  A Norwegian home ).  Through this series I not only intend to bring to you their beautiful homes and décor but I will discuss their lifestyle, their habits and how it is to live in a country that is consistently ranked amongst the best countries to live, often keeping its first or second position in the world.  

UNDERSTANDABLE isn't it, with long winter months and temperatures dipping up to -30C (where I live) to around – 40C (further up north), a warm and cozy feel good home is needed.  So indeed they have beautiful homes. I have been working for some time now to bring - Rakel my neighbor and her beautiful home to you all. It was fun – to go through each room with a click here and a click there and everywhere a  click click and to come home only to realize that the effect was not good here, the light was not enough there, this one was out of focus, that pic was too blurred and so on (that's what one can expect from an amateur photographer like me :-)), and I ran back and forth again and again. Today finally armed with the pics I needed,  I set out to meet her over tea to listen to the tales and memories that are woven into them.   

Klikk Klakk Klikk Klakk announced the woodpecker my arrival 

I was then led to this table, that I instantly decided to do a prepost on .
the honey in the jar is made by Per Rakels man 

Stay tuned for I will lead you past the doors to things that are 200 to 100 years old.

and to doors that open to wonderlands 
pot holders now, that used to be urine pots for those cold long winter nights . Remember the times with with no indoor toilets and electricity

 Would 5 kilo berries be enough for you

 to be a guest at Rakels house at this colorful guest bedroom with period furniture dating more than 100 years in time would be the icing on the cake
This is just the tip of the iceberg, stay tuned for much much more on Rakels house next week..... 


  1. Scandinavia...sigh..such a gorgeous place to live..had been to Oslo a couple of times and loved it....lucky that you live there Shanti...
    I am strongly craving cheese and crackers now :) rakel's home is beautiful...can't wait for the next post...
    your hyd home in patricia's blog is absolutely floating beauties made me week in my knees...
    hey sent you my email in the saree post :

  2. Lovely, what a wonderful blend of the old and the new. Though I don't think I will ever look at pot holders the same way again ;-)

  3. Looooooove the woodpecker doorbell. Mine needs to be replaced. I will keep an eye (and ear?) open for one like that :). The leaded glass door is gorgeous. I am staying tuned :) as you said. Enjoying your blog very much, Shanthi! Enjoyed your home in Patty's blog.


  4. Very warm and lived in..I'm with Kamini tho'.....those are gorgeous pot holders, but yikes!

  5. Such a beautiful home-

    *Loved the woodpecker door knob, so different
    *The brass candle holders...looked like it. correct me if I am wrong

    Umm the potholders...cannot imagine their history was something!

  6. @ Rupa - how nice that you were in Oslo. do come over again. I will send you a mail soon. Hope to see you and other blogger friends in this trip in Hyderabad.
    @Kamini , GB - Hmmmmmm Rakel had a good laugh at your comments on the pot holders :-). The wooden pot holder is not what you thought , It is an old measure of 5 litres for Berries. I too screamed YIKES when she first told me the history of the ceramic one.
    @ My3 - You always make my day :-)
    @Anu - isn't that lovely - rakel is excited too and looking for the main post.
    @Reshma - Yes they are brass candle holders. They are called renaissance and originals are from 1650. These are copies of them - but definitely several years old ( May be 100 or more:-)).

  7. What a treat shanthi, Thank you so much Rakel and Per for opening your warm and loving home to us readers and getting a glimpse.

    The table is so inviting with honey and cheese, yellow flowers and colorful dishes that one wants to sit down for breakfast.

    Its always fun to see how the locals decorate their homes.